The last few months have been a real life-changing experience for me, going from being in a happy relationship with my boyfriend to being my boss’s adoring sex slave.

It all started when I moved jobs. My

boyfriend Tom  and I had started saving for a house and my temping jobs weren’t stable enough or weren’t paying the bills.

When the I saw the ad, I jumped at it and managed to get an interview. Jeff was a software engineer who had spent the last few years working on a productivity app in his garage. Although it was a one-man operation right now, he wanted to aggressively expand.

Apparently he showed it to his bank manager who promptly handed him a million dollar loan with an insanely low interest rate. Flush with cash, he purchased an empty office space and put out an ad for an assistant.

Jeff thought it would be a good idea to demonstrate the app and so I spent the next hour using it as he talked about it. I quickly saw why his bank manager gave him the money. He explained that I would spend most of my time using it, making sure it would be ready for a wider roll-out. He offered me the job and I accepted it without thinking.

It started off well enough. My boss would sit across from me as I used the app and talk. Just talk and talk. You’d think I’d zone out but I was completely captivated and listened to him intently as he explained my role. The more I listened to him, the more I realised how amazing he was.

Even now I’m not quite sure what his app does, but it’s supposed to help increase productivity. Unfortunately though, it seemed to have the opposite effect on me.

I don’t know what was wrong with me but for those first two weeks, I would spend entire days just staring at my screen. I would sit down at my desk at 8.30 and when I looked up at the clock, it was past 7!

Jeff didn’t mind though. He explained that it would take time to adapt to my new job. I really appreciated him being kind and patient. That was one of the reasons we started fucking after a few weeks.

It started suddenly. I was sat at my desk staring at the screen and rubbing my pussy like normal when I had an idea. I’d soaked my panties and thought it’d be a nice gesture to show Jeff how much I enjoyed my job, so I slid them off, put them in a box with a suggestive note and handed it to him.


It worked a treat!

I was surprised at how easy it was to cheat on my


with Jeff. He explained that I didn’t really love Tom and that I was just with him until someone better came along. And boy, did it! I’d gone from having sex maybe once or twice a week to three or four times a day!

I just couldn’t get enough of Jeff’s dick! In my mouth, in my pussy, in my ass or my tits! I wanted him to explore my body and was continually delighted at what I would do for him. It was as if being with Jeff removed my inhibitions and I was free to do whatever he wanted with me!

My relationship with Tom quickly deteriorated to the point where I started sabotaging it. After a day of fucking and sucking Jeff, all I wanted to do was sleep and dream of his big dick inside me again. Tom’s attempts at any contact were met with hard stares.

A month after I started fucking Jeff, Tom and I broke up.

I no longer seemed to do any real work anymore as I’d become utterly obsessed with Jeff and his dick. He quickly became the centre of my universe, and soon everything in its periphery became distant and unimportant.

I cried off engagements with friends and family.

After that, I started spending all of my time with Jeff. He would work on improving his app, and I would work on his dick.

When he’d finish his changes, I was brought up to have a look. They were always really great, and made me feel so good about myself.

He would explain how I wanted to be his sex slave and it made total sense to me. I was already fucking and sucking him on command, and it didn’t feel like a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, so when he suggested I think of him as my Master, and myself as his sex slave, everything just ‘clicked’!

I love kneeling before him and taking his big load on my face and tits. Calling him my Master makes my mind go all fuzzy, and when he refers to me as his “pretty, brain-fucked cock socket” my cunt spasms with need.

Master says he’s going to start looking for a new assistant. I can’t wait!