“You’re under arrest, Red,” said Detective Maggie Voyeur, in charge of Skarlette City’s Extra-Normal Crimes Unit. “My officers captured you easily enough, and the Libido League are already on their way. You’re not going anywhere, Red.”

The redhead smiled wickedly. “Of course I’m not going anywhere, Detective. I’ve got you exactly where I want you. Aren’t you going to search me for weapons, though?”

Detective Voyeur knew that the perp had already been searched and was clean, but it never hurt to be more careful with these extra-human jokers. Running her hands down the woman’s dress, Voyeur could feel the warmth of her skin beneath the fabric. The delectable fragrance of her hair was everywhere. The perp licked her lips and the detective found herself doing the same. Her whole body tingled with desire.

“Stop,” Voyeur slurred between groans of pleasure. “You’re under arrest, Red.”

“My name isn’t ‘Red,’ Detective,” the villain said between passionate kisses. “I am called Succubus. You can say I’m ‘under arrest,’ but can you deny that you are under my power?”

As Maggie Voyeur leaned close for another submissive kiss, she could deny nothing of the sort.

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