“Ms. Payes, I see
you got the necklace I sent,” said Terence Tartarus as he stepped
close to Payestech CEO Penelope Payes. “It really brings out the
submissive streak in your eyes.”

“Another crack like
that and I’ll bring out a black circle around your eye, you creep!”
said the billionaire, genius, philanthropist, bon vivant. “If I’d
known this necklace was from you, Tartarus, I would have had my
bodyguard Platinum Panther fuse it into a wad of slag and shove it up

“Shut up, Penny!
Now.” Terence Tartarus snapped. Penelope felt her voice die
in her throat. Try as she might, she couldn’t speak. She glared at
Tartarus in shock and outrage.

“Don’t worry,
Penny. It’s only temporary. Your voice will be restored the moment
you swallow a load of my cum. Believe.”  He grinned at her

What choice do I
Penelope thought. I
can’t even activate my Platinum Panther nanotech armor without
voice commands.
Moments later,
the superheroine sank to her knees, ignoring the other party guests.
As she unzipped Tartarus’s fly and sucked his semi-hard shaft into
her mouth, she could feel the necklace bouncing against her sensitive

girl, Penny. I told you that Compliance Necklace brought out your
submissive side. While you suck, I’m going to tell you what other
changes it has in store for you. Listen.

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