“I’m here for the interview. For Mister Porfino’s personal assistant,” I said nervously, not quite able to keep my eyes off the two women’s nipples. Why were they dressed like that, what sort of place was this?

The rich and reclusive Mister Porfino rarely appeared in public so the chance to interview for a place on his staff was exciting. As was the offered salary.

“You must be Elizabeth,” one of them said.

“Follow us Lizzy,” the other said taking my hand and pulling me in through the door.

“It’s Elizabeth,” I said following and then pulling my hand back.

“Of course,” the first said.

“We just like short names. They’re so much easier to remember,” the second said giggling.

“I think Elizabeth is perfectly easy to remember,” I said.

The first stopped and turned smiling, “Don’t mind Doll here. She is very much a bimbo today. I am the head of Human Resources and training. I ensure that everyone in Mister Porfino’s employ fits perfectly.”

“I see,” I said not really seeing.

“Doll is a bimbo. Now what are you?” She asked.

I swallowed as I noticed that I was staring into her eyes and she had gotten very close. Her hand came up and started stroking my temple.

“Me? I’m Elizabeth,” I said.

“No. You look like a Lizzy. Heavy. Sleepy. Don’t worry. Don’t think Lizzy. Just breathe deeply.”

The air smelled thick with fragrant perfume. My head buzzed and I felt far away from my body. I felt the other woman, Doll, touching me. Massaging my breasts. Fondling me. Undressing me.

“Good Girl Lizzy. Our employer will love having you serve him.”

Serve. Lizzy. Bimbo.

I felt Doll’s fingers slip into my cunt and my mind fade away more as pleasure at this new life overwhelmed me.

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