Mynx was the brains of the operation.

The villainess with the power to enslave others with her delicate touch knew that having muscle on the payroll made for easier work. Piledriver seemed a good addition to her crew. He was super-strong, hard to hurt, and none too bright. He didn’t mind taking orders. As long as she didn’t fuck his super-powered cock, Mynx knew she’d be fine.

Until a job went south. Everyone in the gang was blaming everyone else, and Mynx figured she had to ensure that Piledriver was on her side. She ran her hand up his arm and could see his features melt with pleasure. It was an expression she knew well. One caress turned into two. Before long they were both naked and Mynx couldn’t keep her hands off Piledriver’s super-shaft. When he buried it deep inside her, Mynx felt every wave of ecstasy wash through her and overwhelm her mind. Like the tide eroding a sand castle, less and less of her mind remained after each blissful stroke.

Mynx was the brains of the operation … until Piledriver fucked those brains right out of her head.

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