There’s a place in my mind, a calm and quiet place. A beach where the water laps up against the shore in a soothing fashion. The cool lake water and the warm sun on my skin always made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I can almost smell the pine of the forest as I picture it and return there in my mind.

It’s been years since I have been there physically but the memories remain vivid and even more so anytime Matt says ‘hear the waves’. Anytime he says that the stress just floats away, and I return in my mind to this happy relaxed place.

I know I should probably be paying attention to what he says after that, but it’s just so nice here by the side of the lake with the warm sun on my body. My mind only hearing the waves as I listen and relax.

I hear the waves and I sink deeply. Down. So nice to relax and float away into my mind. Mark was here to pick up something but it’s okay if he stays longer. I just feel bad as he helps me to relax, that there’s nothing I do for him. I should make Mark happy.

I should listen to the waves. Hear the waves.

I sink deeply.

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