Stella wasn’t going to masturbate or anything, she just… needed a little time alone, that was all. It was so frustrating, the way everyone constantly monitored her and checked on her and made sure her hands were always visible and reminded her to stop humping the furniture in such a fucking condescending way. She just needed a break from it all, okay? It wasn’t like she was sneaking off to go play with herself or something, just because she slipped away from the pool and went off into the woods for a while.

And anyway, she was better now. Mostly. Almost totally. She understood that one of the ways Master controlled her brain was through constant, ritualized masturbation, and she knew that the best way to break that conditioning was to abstain from sex until her therapist could help her develop new patterns of thought that didn’t involve–

Stella’s eyes rolled back in her head just a little as she remembered just what playing with her horny pussy for Master did involve. Kneeling. Lewdly displaying her wet cunt to anyone who happened to walk by. Chanting “I dedicate myself to obedience” over and over as she teased her clit, focusing all her attention on the slick, dripping channel between her thighs as her fingers thrust in and out, deeper and deeper every time until her mind simply went away and obedience replaced it–

But it, it wasn’t like she was going to do that. She had been working with the therapists for weeks, she had done so much work in clearing her head. She was almost totally free of Master’s influence now. It was like she was basically cured. She could even prove it. She could just play with her pussy, just… just a little, just to show she could do it and not give in to Master’s brainwashing. She could do it right here. Out in the woods. Where nobody could see.

With a sigh, Stella slid her fingers into her waistband and began to gently stroke her labia. She wasn’t doing it to brainwash herself, of course. Her mind was perfectly clear. If she pulled down her bikini and got down on her knees, it was only because she was more, more… comfortable that way. She wanted to be comfortable while she masturbated, so that she didn’t have any distractions that might make her slip into old habits. She wanted to avoid anything that might confuse her. She wanted to keep her mind tightly focused.

Focus. That was the key. She could keep herself from being brainwashed, even allow herself to enjoy the pleasure of the orgasm she’d daydreamed about for weeks, if she just kept her mind tightly centered. Perfectly attentive. Stella wanted to shut out all her distractions and think only of… of her cunt. That was it, of course it was. If she wasn’t thinking about anything but her drooling, messy pussy, then she couldn’t possibly think about Master. She needed to tune everything else out and masturbate.

But it was just so hard. Stella tried to concentrate on her pussy, on the feel of her fingers sinking deep into her slippery cunt, but she kept worrying about what might happen if she gave in and started thinking about Master again. She needed to focus her mind on something else, something besides the pleasure. She needed to stop thinking about her body, because thoughts of her body inevitably led back to the euphoric bliss that Master brought her and that led her right back into his control. And she was free of him now. She knew it. She just needed to, needed to think about something else. Something that kept her mind focused. Focused like a mantra–

And then she had it. Stella knew exactly how to keep her mind from being enthralled to Master’s will while she played with herself. She just needed a mantra to focus on. That would keep her thoughts centered properly. A good mantra always kept a good girl like Stella perfectly attentive, didn’t it? As soon as the idea came to her, she knew exactly what to say.

“I dedicate myself to obedience. I dedicate myself to obedience. I dedicate myself to obedience. I dedicate myself to obedience. I dedicate myself to… ohhhbedience…”

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Mmm… extinction burst…