“Oh I’m not a model. I’m just here to give my friend a ride back and forth. A glorified chauffeur,” I joke, blushing at the compliment.

My roommate booked this weird video shoot at a house an hour out of town and wanted both a ride and someone to go for help if it turned out to be some weird murder cult thing. So far it seemed like a few middle aged men who had a film studio outside of town because it was cheaper than rent in the city limits.

“Well I apologize but you could be. We could always use another girl in the shoot,” he said smiling warmly.

“I can’t act. Even porn act besides it’s not really my cup of tea. What’s she doing anyway?” I asked.

He shrugged, “Well Mike does mostly latex stuff so probably wearing something tight and black. Lots of bending over. His audience loves a good ass.”

Trying not to seem like a prude I laugh, “Who doesn’t?”

“I’m more of a tits man myself,” the dark haired man shrugged.

“Ah. So you do tits videos?”

“Sure. I guess but mostly they’re hypnosis videos.”

I laughed at the joke, but then saw that he wasn’t joking. “That’s a thing? Hypnosis videos?”

“People like to watch a woman falling into trance. And obey.”

“Okay,” I say, not sure what to say beyond that.

He gestures to me, “You have some time to kill. Come I’ll show you one of the videos I’m editing.”

I follow him to a sound proofed editing room. There are two comfortable chairs on wheels and two computer screens. He hits a key on a keyboard and types in a password bringing an editing program to life.

A blonde woman is onscreen and so is he. Over the next forty minutes I watch him hypnotize her and put her through a series of erotic tricks. When it’s done I have to adjust myself in the dim lighting to hide the fact that my nipples are hard poking through my blouse.

“That’s cool. So you just hypnotize people like that? It’s that easy?” I ask, glancing at him for the first time since the video started.

“That easy. Everyone is slightly different, of course. Some women go under very easily. Others take some time. Some know they want to obey and sink deeply and others need to be told to relax and listen to my voice,” he said.

I stifled a yawn and leaned back in the chair. It had been interesting listening to his voice in the video, how he had dropped it so low when entrancing the woman in the screen. It was a low masculine voice and very sexy.

My pussy throbbed thinking about it. I could almost imagine he was using it on me.

“Sometimes they don’t even notice,” he said, “they just listen to my voice and relax. Listen and relax. You have nowhere to be. Just yawn now and relax more.”

I yawned. He was right. I had no where to be. My roommate would be awhile filming. I could just relax with him. This chair was so nice. My cunt was so moist.

“Good. You just like to relax a moment. Just allow yourself to feel warm and comfortable. We’re just talking. I have another video for you,” he said and the screen sprung to life.

It was filled with a spiral. Blue, green and white spiralling and spinning into one and another. My mouth hung open as I relaxed more, fascinated by the colors.

“And now you don’t need to think. Or worry. Just sink for me. Listen to my voice and sink.”

I sank back into the chair. Listening as the spiral consumed me.

The air was cold against my skin as the red light on the camera died. My host smiled, “Good Girl. That’s going to make a great video. Now there’s one other part of the house I haven’t shown you.”

I stood, approaching him, “What part is that Master?”

“My bedroom.”

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