Doctor Q had always hated to travel by broomstick. It was cold, and enforced too many stereotypes about women and the use of magick. The Enchantress Exemplar of Earth was better than that!

And yet, when she received a broomstick as a gift from an anonymous admirer, Doctor Q found herself running her fingertips down its long, smooth, wooden shaft. As she inhaled the scent of clove and cardamom from its delicate bristles, Doctor Q found her thoughts drifting to spells that required her to be sky-clad.

It was hardly a fortnight before Doctor Q mounted her broomstick and soared through the sky. As she flew, the firm, ribbed shafted teased her nether lips, stoking fires of lust in her heart. Before she even arrived at her destination, Doctor Q was open and horny and desperate for the touch of the master of the broomstick, the master of her soul.

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Wow, she held out for two weeks? That’s quite a slow burn!