Why couldn’t she stop? It was like her body was in constant need of more and more simulation, and nothing could satisfy it anymore! She remembered that stranger saying something silly like that, after he’d tugged her hand and touched her forehead. She could remember him talking to her, and how she found it not only ridiculous, but rather rude and insulting. But she hadn’t been able to bring herself to tell him off right then.

More. She needed more. Maybe a good hard pinch would clear her mind! Mmmm! That was good! But it only made her wetter, and needier.

She remembered him putting his number in her phone before he walked away. She should call him. Ahhhhh, yesss! She should call him and give him her mind… a piece of her mind!

In a minute, when she was more ready. But first, maybe just another pinch…

Oohhhhh! Mmmmm… She was almost there. She could feel herself starting to trickle. Soon she’d beg tell him to cum come and give her his cock what she needed most… his cum relief!

Just… a bit more… oohh… rubbing. Touching. Mmm… Another pinch….fuck yessss…. Soon she’d be perfectly ready to tell him to come fuck her hmmm take this need away ohhhhh fuuuuuckkk take her away.