They just couldn’t take their eyes off each other. Equal in their hypnotic powers, the two mistresses tried futilely to enslave one another. Any other man or woman would have long succumbed to their charms, long obeyed their orders, yet now, non would submit.

Lilly was the first to undress. Mia, taking advantage of her weakness, suggested she should caress herself. And she did. Furthermore, she did it so beautifully ,that Mia, unable to resist the temptation, removed her clothes, and started touching herself as well.

Soon they were both on the floor, each trying to bring the other to that will shattering orgasm. So focused on one another, they never noticed their rival Master entering the room, or even him standing above them. Only when he whispered “freeze” did they realize he was there. But by then it was too late.

He smiled as he watched them. His two frozen slaves trying their hardest to regain control. Desperately attempting to resist his power. He knew they couldn’t. After exhausting themselves against each other, they were too weak to fight.

“Cum” he said softly, and the orgasms erupted withing them, sending waves of pleasure to numb their minds.

They were his, he had won.