Laura?!  What’s happening?  Why did you tie me up?

Laura can’t hear you right now, Cindy.  She can only hear my voice.  Isn’t that right, laura?

Yes, Master.  i hear only Your voice.

What’s wrong with her?!

Nothing at all, Cindy.  Is anything wrong with you, laura?

No, Master.  i am happy.

Why does look like that?  What have you done?

What do you see, laura?

i see the spiral, Master.  It is so beautiful.  

Very good, laura.  Now answer Cindy’s question.  Why did you tie her up?

To bring to You, Master, so that she can be happy, too.  It feels so good to obey, Cindy.

Oh no, are you going to do that to me?

You ask so many questions!  All of the answers you seek are right here on this screen.

What … I…what is  … that…  so … beautiful