“Do you see anything you like?” said Venus de Milo, sitting back with one beautiful breast exposed and her naked pussy peeking from below the hem of her little black dress. She knew she’d have these do-gooders eating out of her hand in no time.

“That pool table looks pretty good,” said the Astonishing Ace. “But not so sanitary at the moment. Why don’t you put your clothes back on and let me take you quietly to jail? There’s no need for any excitement.”

The supervillainess’s draw dropped open. No one ever asked her to put her clothes back on! “Don’t you see my luscious flesh? Don’t you long to kiss my beautiful breasts? Don’t you want to taste the fragrant nectar of my dripping sex?”

“Ew. Not really, lady,” replied the asexual superhero. “You can’t squeeze blood from a stone, and even your superpowers can’t conjure some sort of sexual response from me. I’m just not built that way. Come along quietly, or things are going to get physical.”

Venus de Milo had never thought that the suggestion of “getting physical” could sound as un-sexy as when she heard it from the Astonishing Ace.

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