“You’re just wasting your time, Seductress,” said Captain Alpha, tugging uselessly on her restraints. “You’ve tried this before. Your power damper can prevent me from breaking free, but none of your brainwashing works on me.”

“Nothing I’ve tried in the past has worked,” Seductress replied. “That is fact that cannot be denied. However, this time, I’ve made better preparations. I began with that reporter you’re always rescuing, Zelda Zane.”

“If you’ve hurt Zelda, you witch, I will make you pay,” growled Captain Alpha.

“Hurt her? Never, my dear Captain,” said the supervillainess. “I merely conditioned her to answer all my questions honestly and then forget we ever met. Miss Zane has certainly studied you rather … intimately. She was very informative about your alien physiology. She even told me where I might find a bit of that mineral you’re so vulnerable to … ‘Quimonite,’ I believe it’s called?”

Captain Alpha’s eyes went wide as she saw the glowing green stone set into the J-shaped dildo the Seductress held. “No! Seductress, don’t do this! You can’t possibly hope to— ungh … ooooohhhh.” The heroine’s words died in her throat as the Seductress slipped the Quimonite dildo into her defenseless pussy. The lewd length of it throbbed with waves of submissive lust throughout the heroine’s body.

“That’s better, my dear Captain,” said the Seductress. “Now that you’re properly prepared, we can begin your conditioning as it was meant to be!

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