Stratagem and Foundation were the brains and the brawn of the Libido League. When an alien scout ship landed on the outskirts of Skarlette City, they knew that nothing they could find inside could possibly threaten them.

Within the bizarre, baroque space ship, the two superheroes came upon a beautiful woman. “We come in peace,” Stratagem said.

The alien beauty smiled. “Oh, I think you’ll cum upon my command. I am Queen Klitorya of Lustos Four. I find your bodies pleasing. Step forward, and let us partake in sacred passion.”

Foundation felt himself compelled forward by a power as strong as his own. He found his hands with the power to bend steel gently caressing Queen Klitorya’s tender nipple.

Stratagem opened his mouth to convince the alien queen of a different plan. But, he realized that nothing made more sense than serving the passion of Queen Klitorya. His mouth drank deeply of her lips.

The two superheroes made the alien queen feel very welcome on Earth.

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