“When you are completely naked, you will be my willing slave,” Allie Kaza’am had said to Sable. The heroine had scoffed at the possibility until Allie Kaza’am had added, “It’s so hot in here, you can’t stand to wear that costume.” Her words became obvious truth. Soon, Sable found herself stripping just to avoid the insufferable heat. But force of will alone left her with some lingerie.

“When you can see only my eyes, you will be my willing slave,” Allie Kaza’am had added, and the heroine turned away. “But, deep down, you know that the secret to defeating me lies within my entrancing eyes.” Sable dared a glimpse into the bottomless pools of the villainess’s eyes. She tried to look away from their commanding beauty, with little success.

“When your hands are locked solid together, you will be my willing slave,” Allie Kaza’am had purred. Sable planted her hands firmly on her hips in a classic superhero pose. “The invisible band I’ve tied around your wrists pulls stronger together, the more you try to tug it apart.” The heroine struggled to keep her hands at her sides, but soon that inexorable band had pulled them to rest in front of her naked pussy.

Somewhere inside, Sable knew that this was all in her mind. Allie Kaza’am’s superpower was making her believe in these things, but they weren’t true. However, the more she tried to disbelieve the heat, the deeper she gazed into the villainess’s eyes. And the more she fought to pull her gaze away, the tigher her hands pulled together. And the more she moved her hands apart, the more uncomfortable her stockings felt.

Allie Kaza’am just grinned as the heroine disbelieved herself into total submission.

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