Trudie sat at the breakfast table with her eyes laser-focussed on her panties.

She thought about what he’d told her the night before, and again this morning.

‘If you don’t follow my instructions,’ he warned, ‘they’ll become compulsions. You won’t be able to think about anything else until you carry them out.’

He’d instructed her to be naked at all times when in the house, and she was mostly okay with the idea of it last night in the heat of passion when he was fucking her mind and body. But now, with him having left for work, the idea wasn’t so cool anymore.

He’d left before she woke up, and she began to get dressed, managing to put on her bra and panties before she stopped herself.

‘No, this isn’t right,’ she thought. ‘I should always be naked at home.’

At first she liked the idea of defying his commands. Just because he controlled her didn’t mean she wouldn’t try have a little fun disobeying him until he ‘fixed’ her defiance.

But this… This was most definitely not fun!

If someone came to the door, she couldn’t quickly grab a dressing gown because he hadn’t allowed for that. “At all times” meant all the time, and no exceptions.

Trudie hooked her thumbs into her panties and played with the band. She didn’t want to take her panties off. She didn’t want to walk around the house with her pussy on display, even if nobody was here.

‘If i don’t wear panties, then it’ll be easier for Master to fuck me when He wants!’ her programming helpfully told her. ‘i should make my Master’s life easier.’

Ugh, even her inner voice against her.

“Okay. I’ll do it.” she sighed to herself. “I’ll take them off but it doesn’t prove anything. I just don’t want to wear any clothes right now.”

Trudie stood up and slid her panties down, unhooked her bra and sat back down, letting her legs spread apart of their own volition. Letting her exposed pussy breath in the cool air.

She smiled. This was nice.

This was really nice!

“Oh fuck!” she gasped, touching herself, aroused from following his commands.

‘i want to carry out my commands for Master. i need to obey His commands.’

Trudie heard the voice in her head, but it was no longer worrying. She did want to carry out his commands. No, His commands, she corrected herself.

Trudie jumped up excitedly, still stroking her pussy. She thought about the commands he’d given her last night and this morning and she found she could ‘see’ them like a shopping list in her mind. Mentally ticking off ‘always naked around the house’ she looked at the next one, grinned and bit her lip.

‘i always wondered what it would look like hairless! i guess now i’ll find out!’ she thought to herself as she skipped up to the bathroom.