“Go on, you fragile little heroine. Try to resist the power of my gaze,” purred Eyesis as Sable stared helplessly at the villainess. “Fight for your will with every ounce of strength you possess. It will make your fall that much sweeter.

“Stratagem here tried to resist me. Fought with every drop of willpower he possessed. Now you can see him out of the corner of your eye. Cock hard, body helplessly twitching with lust, desperate to enter my divine cunt but unable to move without the word of his Mistress. My word. And he was far stronger than you, frightened little heroine.

“I can see your defeat already written across your face. Even as I’ve been speaking, you’ve been telling yourself to look away, but your eyes still long for my beauty. You promised yourself to keep your hands at your sides, but already you can feel them through your costume, pinching your nipples and pressing your clit, horny little heroine.

“My eyes see every way you try to resist. My eyes see how you lie about being strong. My eyes see the truth of your weakness. Your lust. Your submission. We both know the truth, defeated little heroine. Whom do you serve?”

Sable collapsed to her knees, “I serve Mistress Eyesis.”

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