Saving the world as superheroes of the Libido League took its toll on personal relationships. Between the job’s relentless hours and facing an ever-changing gallery of super-powered sexual miscreants, neither Mnemonica nor Foundation had been able to hold down a relationship in years.

To make matters worse, both of them had been brainwashed, hypnotized,enthralled, mind controlled, and lust-induced so many times that neither could be sure which sexual desires were their own, and which had been implanted by some subliminal alien hypnotic witchcraft or other. It made for a lonely life.

So when Mnemonica’s telepathy picked up Foundation’s first stirrings of attraction for her, she leapt at the chance to ask him on a normal, ordinary date.

It was terrible. After all they had been through as colleagues, how could a night of wine and flowers, dinner and dancing leave them cold? Mnemonica knew she wanted him. Her telepathy let her know that Foundation wanted her. What was wrong?

When Foundation considered whether a good night kiss would even be worth the trouble, Mnemonica knew she had to act. She looked Foundation in the eye. “I’m tired of being so ‘good’ all the time. I’ve telepathically slipped into your mind and sublimated your inhibitions. You may feel doubt. You may hesitate. But those scruples can’t affect your actions tonight. Tonight I have made sure you can’t help but give into your deepest desires.”

Foundation gasped at the betrayal from his most trusted teammate. “Mnemonica, how could you possibly–” His words were cut off as he pulled her face to his and kissed her passionately.

The two heroes spent that night in the rapture of one another’s flesh. Their passion literally shook the walls and mingled their souls. Neither had ever felt anything so deep, so blissful, so ecstatic.

Except, perhaps, for the next morning when Mnemonica admitted that she had lied about manipulating Foundation’s inhibitions.

He didn’t waste any time in showing the heroine just what he was capable of when he was fully in control of himself.

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