“Ma’am, you’re under arrest,” said Detective Maggie Voyeur, head of Skarlette City Extra Normal Crimes Unit. “I need to ensure that you’re not carrying any concealed weapons.”

“Of course, officer,” replied Venus de Milo, turning to face the detective. “I’m perfectly willing to show you everything you ever wanted to see.”

Venus de Milo slowly pulled down her black camisole, the silk clinging to her milk-white skin as if it the fabric itself were reluctant to be pulled away. A rose-colored nipple popped into view and Detective Voyeur sighed. The other perfect round bud sprang from the silk and the policewoman dropped to her knees, trembling with desire.

“Now, if you’re a very good detective,” cooed Venus de Milo, “I might give you a peek of something even more exciting.

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