The device worked like a charm. Slowly but surely it drained their resistance away. Soon they’ll do anything I’ll tell them to. And trust me, after what they did  to me, I have some plans.

It all started a few weeks ago. A breakthrough in my mind control project had allowed me to develop the instrument I had always hoped for. By altering and increasing a woman’s sex drive, I was now able to overwhelm her mind, leaving her blank and open to suggestion. There was one last thing I had to do, a test.

Kate and Carrie had treated me like their pet since I first met them. Do my homework here, my laundry there, and all under the threat of revealing my lesbian identity. I don’t know how they found out about it, but it doesn’t matter. They wont be straight soon themselves.

When I came into their room they were both gossiping on the couch. Seeing me they added “Here comes our lesbian bitch”. Without sparing a moment, I took the device and aimed it at them. First at Carrie, then at Kate. I laughed as they started helplessly touching themselves. Too horny to think, they complied with the program.

Then came the best part. Once they were both exhausted I told them all about how they were actually gay, how they wanted women, how they wanted me. I could see the eagerness in their eyes, they had no choice.

When they recovered their senses I ordered them to undress. They obeyed perfectly. All I had to chose now was who’s face I’d like to cum on first.

ggod this is so hot