“I’m breaking up with Mark today, and I need you to come with me,” Claire said after luring me into her car with a promise of a girl’s night out at the movies.

I sigh, blaming myself. I should have known that Claire having a free night away from her boyfriend was too good to be true. Since they’d started dating the rest of our group had hardly seen her and so I was shocked that she wanted to go out. 

“Why do I need to go?” I asked, casting her a sceptical glance. I tried not to glare or get mad. I wanted to support her, and breaking up with Mark seemed like a good idea, but I wasn’t sure why I needed to be involved.

“I just, anytime I try to do it I get off-track, and we end up fucking. With you there, I’ll stay focused and dump him and then we can make the late show,” she said, “I promise.”

“Fine,” I said, not wanting to be the third wheel at a breakup but wanting the time with my friend. Besides Mark was kind of a creep. He was handsy and had leered at me when we first met. Plus Claire was a successful real estate lawyer and Mark was mooching off her to support his lifestyle as an unemployed student well past the point when anyone should be a psychology student in their late thirties.

Mark was in Claire’s apartment, sitting on the couch watching the baseball game. We entered and he waved at Claire and gave me a once over, his eyes dwelling on my breasts.

“Claire, welcome home. Hi Kelly,” he said.

“Hi Mark,” I said, keeping my voice neutral.

“Mark, turn the TV off, we need to talk,” Claire said, her voice firm. I cheered a little inside seeing her so solid, this must be what she was like in court the few times she’d gone to trial. 

He used the remote to turn the TV off then turned looked at Claire puzzled.

“Mark I need you to move out today. We aren’t working. You have no direction in your life, no job and aren’t trying to get a job. I’m pretty sure you’re cheating on me and even if you’re not I need to move on,” she said.

Mark reacted first with surprise and then annoyance. He scowled at her and then glared at me, realizing that I was there for backup. “Look, baby,” he said, “why don’t we just talk about this? Alone.”

“I’m staying,” I said.

Claire nodded, “Kelly’s staying.”

Mark looked more annoyed then shrugged, “Fine, I just don’t want her to get bored while we talk. I know that the mind can stop paying attention to things when it gets tired of focusing on what’s going on and I don’t know if us talking about our relationship is that interesting. I wouldn’t want Kelly’s mind to stop paying close attention and allow itself to drift.”

“We’re not having a long conversation Mark, you’re putting your clothes in a bag and going,” Claire said pointing to the door for emphasis.

Mark nodded, standing, “I know I can be tiring Claire. I know sometimes you become exhausted listening to me talk and that it can be very tiring to have to deal with me. You know I just want to help you to relax, and that I’m working hard on changing so that you don’t feel so tired of dealing with me. Remember when we sat on the couch last week, and you described dealing with me like a heavy weight, pulling you down making you tired and heavy. Pulling you down deeper, as we sat on the couch.”

Claire blinked, nodding. Her arms had been crossed across her chest, but they hard unfolded and relaxed to her sides. “Yes,” she said the firmness still in her voice, but not as steely.

Mark stepped towards her, took her chin in his hand and said, “And as you looked into my eyes you said you wanted to relax more. And I promised to help you to relax more. And you relaxed more, now. Just by talking to me, and listening closely to my words you relaxed more. Until you felt better, felt like you could just listen to my voice and forget why you were upset.”

“Forget,” mumbled Claire, the strength gone completely now as she looked dazed, her voice soft and eyes unfocused. 

“Sit down on the couch now Claire and let yourself relax back for me,” Mark said letting go of her chin. I watched surprised as Claire walked to the couch, sat down and then closed her eyes her head sliding forwards against her chest as if she had just fallen asleep.

“What was that?” I asked, unsure of what had just happened.

“What was what?” Mark asked, stepping towards me.

“Claire just fell asleep in the middle of breaking up with you,” I said, confused by her actions. I went to shake her awake, not sure what was the right course of action in the situation, my mind reeling from the unexpected nature of how things had unfolded.

“Claire was right, I have been fucking someone behind her back,” Mark said.

“What? Who?” I asked, stopping and glancing at him. 

“Monica. Kim. You,” he said listing off our circle of friends with the exception of Claire herself.

“I have never slept with you,” I said.

“Remember that night you came over when we first met?” he asked.

“Yeah, sure,” I said, regarding him warily.

“I explained my grad thesis about the suggestibility of the mind and embedded suggestions that you can obey without thinking as we talk,” he said, “and I gave a short demonstration of what I meant. Think back and remember that now, since you have allowed yourself to forget.”

I remembered Mark bragging about the thesis he was working on, it had been a bunch of psychology nonsense that hadn’t made much sense to me. He’d said he’d show me what he meant and asked me to hold my hands out palms facing each other and had started to talk about magnets.

“The magnet thing,” I said. I still wasn’t sure what magnets had to do with the human mind. 

“The magnet thing,” he affirmed, “and remember how it felt as your hands got closer together, closer and closer, and you listened to my voice like you are right now and your mind first learned to stop thinking and obey. Think back do you remember what happened?”

“My hands came together,” I said, surprised that I hadn’t remembered that until now. I remembered the feeling of them being pulled together, and how listening to Mark’s voice seemed to block everything else out, emptying my mind. 

He was close now. His eyes on mine. 

“Kelly remember the word I gave you, to help you to relax for me,” he said.

“Yeah,” I answered, the word. 

Mark grinned, “Kelly kaleidoscope.”

“I…” my eyes closed, and I sank.

“Are you sure Claire doesn’t know?” I asked, wipping the cum from my tits as Mark rolled off me. I felt bad about this, fucking her new fiance. They’d only been engaged a few weeks now, and I’d started sleeping with him. 

I was a terrible friend.

“No, she doesn’t and she’ll never find out,” Mark said.

“I feel awful, I have to say something. We’re like sisters,” I sighed, sitting up in the bed.

Mark shook his head, “No, that won’t help anyone.”

“Look, I know it’ll hurt her and probably end our friendship but she should know,” I said.

“Kelly kaleidoscope.”

My eyes closed and I sank.

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