So I took up a new hobby a few months ago: sucking cock. Luckily, it was around the same time that Ted moved in. He was a Craigslist find, after me and Clarissa realized that we still needed a roommate after Dianne left. The funny thing was that Ted wasn’t even high on our list when we were interviewing possible roommates.  Katy ended up patching things up with her boyfriend, and moved back in with him. Jennifer was cool, but decided that she wanted to find something closer to her new job, waitressing at a Twin Peaks.  We really liked Anne, but she decided to move out to L.A and pursue an acting career.  She ended up in porn; I found out when I was looking up videos to help pursue my hobby.

I mean, wasn’t that lucky that we ended up with Ted? If we ended up with one of those girls, I wouldn’t have anyone to practice on! I mean, Ted’s kind of an odd fellow, but he’s got a nice enough cock and he’s nice enough to let me use it almost every day! 

I’m still not sure what he does for a living.  I think he might be like, a Youtube personality, or maybe he streams video games or something?  He’s got a lot of cameras set up in his room, including a web cam.  I ended finding that one out when I went in there to masturbate. Whoops, heh, my bad. 

The funniest thing is that it turns out Clarissa’s taking up fellatio too!  How crazy is that?  God, I hope we don’t wear Ted out! I’m worried he won’t have time to make his videos! Last night, he must have been so tired that he just plain forgot to turn off his cameras!