“A mind control potion? What kind of crazy talk is that?” spluttered Erin as she gulped down her third cup of the ‘energy drink’ I’d offered her.

“It’s true! You won’t remember, but after you’d drunk your first cup of it, I told you that everything I said from now on would be gospel; that you couldn’t get enough of this wonderfully refreshing drink; and that every sip makes you happier, and bouncier, and more and more inhibition-free.”

<giggle!> fair enough…I mean, It’s pretty damn good stuff, you’re right about that. But not remembering? That feels, kinda, I dunno, weird? <giggle!>

“Erin, I told you. It’s a mind control potion, and after I gave you those first instructions, I also told you that although you were completely bound by my commands, you’d also forget them from your conscious mind, and remember instead only how happy, hot and horny you’re feeling…”

“Mmmmm…yeah…you’re right about that too! Honestly, I don’t care if you have drugged me with some crazy mind controlling juice. All I can seem to think about now is how quickly I can get out of these clothes, and we can rut like beasts….Can we do that? Please? Pleeeeease?

“Why, yes, Erin, I suppose we can. Just do one more thing for me before that…”


“Take the bottle, and pour it all over your chest. Direct infusion into your bloodstream should make the changes permanent…”

<giggle!> Alrighty then, mister! Whatever you say! I just need this soooo bad!”

A request of Erin Kellyman, by the always wonderful @clockworksandspirals