“As you can see, Miss Reynolds, the subject is quite restrained during the procedure.”

“What about the extent of my control over her once she’s out of this thing?”

“Your control of her will be absolute, Miss Reynolds. She will live, breathe and exist only to serve you. That’s our guarantee.”

“So… not ideal if I want to reinsert her back into her life as a covert operative?”

“Oh, not at all. Our process gives you complete control, but we can also adjust a subject’s awareness of her own enslavement in order to suit a variety of scenarios and purposes in accordance with your needs. We can wipe any memory of her desire to serve you, and implant triggers that will prompt her to do your bidding without realizing it; she can then be as a perfectly loving, loyal slave in an instant. In fact, we can implement any number of complex sensory triggers – sight, sound, touch… we can even do smells and tastes if you like.”

“A slave I can trigger with a piece of lemon meringue pie?”

“If you wish.”

“Amusing. What about after she’s been triggered? How hard is it for me to turn her back into a happy clueless girl again?”

“As easy as you want it to be. Activation and deactivation triggers are a standard feature that comes at no extra cost.”

“I must admit, Solange, you give a pretty good pitch. I have several women on my board of directors, as well as a few business rivals I would love to put in this thing. It’s rather tempting.”

“Thank you, Miss Reynolds.”

“Is that your demonstration model? She seems to… hum… enjoy the conversion process quite a bit.”

“All of the women who are put through the procedure find it immensely pleasurable, Miss Reynolds. The most pleasurable experience of their entire existence, until they begin their new lives as slaves of our clients, of course.”

“Of course.”

“But to answer your question… yes, this woman here is a… demonstration model of sorts. She’s been subjected to the procedure several times before. She volunteers to do it quite often. Especially when we have an important client such as yourself visiting our facility.”

“Come to think of it… she looks a little like…”

“Doctor Sandra Albright, yes.”

“It is Doctor Albright!”

“That is correct, Miss Reynolds. It turns out the good doctor couldn’t really stay away from the procedure she’d spent so many years perfecting. After seeing so many women succumb to the pure pleasure of servitude, she just had to know what it felt like. So she underwent the procedure… though not before she subjected all of us to it first.”

“You mean…”

“Oh yes Miss Reynolds. I’m her loyal slave now. I love to serve her, and pleasure her, and be with her, and to welcome her clients here everyday to tell them all about the conversion process. I can tell you it feels sooo wonderful. I love it. She loves it. And so will you.”


“Oh, do not to worry, Miss Reynolds. It doesn’t hurt at all. Well, maybe the taser will a little, but then you’ll be a slave and you will feel so much better.”

“I’m warning you Solange…”

“You’ll love it Miss Reynolds. We all love it. We serve. She serves. We all serve.”

“I said stay away!”

“One last thing, Miss Reynolds. When you’re in there… please try to resist. It feels so much better when you try to resist.”