It was all rather puzzling.

As chief analyst in the Subliminals Countermeasures Division, Dr. Wendy Holmes was acutely aware of the dangers of watching the seized footage without a Induction filter. What’s more, she was intimately acquainted with the intricate conversion code layered behind every one of the video’s frames. And even if she had not thoroughly examined every line of code, concluding that it had been carefully engineered to subjugate the female mind and overwhelm all heterosexual inclinations, the footage itself was obviously geared towards demonstrating the overwhelming pleasure of lesbian sexual submission and enslavement. In fact, the video was rather compelling even without the immersive subliminals; when the two were combined, the results were immediate, and quite predictable.

Which made Wendy’s decision to secretly copy the footage on an unauthorized drive and smuggle it out of the SCD facility all the more strange. As was the email to her superiors informing them that she had enough accumulated leave for a short vacation, and that she leaving effective immediately, for a period of one week.

Still, all that weirdness paled in comparison with her startling decision to upload the footage on her personal laptop at home, and spend the next few hours watching it over and over, allowing herself to become Mistress Helena’s loyal, lesbian slave. At one point, while fingering herself to a fifth orgasm (she wasn’t quite sure about the count – the video, after all, was soooo absorbing) it occurred to Wendy that maybe Mistress Helena’s induction code had been so complex, so subtle as to somehow get past the main SCD filters, leading her to be compromised just enough to feel the impulse to watch the footage with no filter at all. Maybe that’s what had happened to her.

Was happening to her.

Wendy allowed the thought to melt away in another intense orgasm. She cried out even as Mistress Helena’s naked slave on screen came along with her. slaveWendy was long past worrying about it now. The induction code had overwhelmed all of her resistance. She had her instructions now.

A week from now, she’d return to the SCD. By then, several of her female colleagues would no doubt be under Mistress’ control as well; those that weren’t yet would be quickly subjugated once slaveWendy had conveniently disabled various security measures in place. In no time at all, the entire Division would be just another powerful tool in Mistress’ quest to control, subjugate and enslave all women everywhere.

slaveWendy quickened her fingering, her panties soaked through. Yes, taking down the SCD would be almost as intense a pleasure as kneeling before Mistress… but there would be other pleasures that would come beforehand. Once her own conversion was complete, she would of course send the video to all her female friends, insuring that they, too, would fall under Mistress’ control. Perhaps some of them would be so thankful as to come to slaveWendy’s house, to savor the taste of submission to the fullest.

The thought of it, it turns out, wasn’t puzzling at all to slaveWendy.

In fact, it was hot as fuck.