You’re probably thinking why are you going along with this. Or rather you would be if you weren’t already so open to my words. I can see from your eyes, how they’re distant and glazed, that you’re simply accepting my words now. Each word becomes your thoughts, each suggestion is a powerful command for your mind to obey.

Of course, you were surprised to see me on the weekend. You’re my son’s teacher and as far as you know I’m happily married. You’d caught my eye, and then at that parent-teacher meeting, my eyes caught yours. I told you to look deep into my eyes, and you complied. You didn’t realize what was happening, not even when you found yourself eating me out under your desk.

We kept it quick because there was another parent coming in half an hour, but I left my triggers in you. Left the keys to your mind so I could easily reenter. 

So now you just listen and sink. Obey and feel so good. Your roommate will be home soon you say, and we need to prepare to help her to listen and sink too.