Oh, god, she felt so terrible.  Not physically.  Physically, she felt great.  She never felt better.  But the guilt, the guilt was crushing.  She was such a user. Ugh, ugh, ugh, she was just the worst.  It wasn’t always like this.  Its just, she just realized that Dan had the greatest cock in the world.  She swore to god, she could get off just by the taste of the thing, the smell of it.  Jesus, just thinking about him made her weak in the knees.

She tried sometimes to act like she was a normal girlfriend, that she was interested in Dan for emotional fulfillment.  She tried to talk about her feelings with him, but inevitably, they would end up fucking.  It was like she was addicted to his dick.  Any which way she could get it.

She just felt bad.  She didn’t understand what Dan was getting out of it.  He was such a hunk, with those coke-bottle glasses and those slim arms and that sexy pale skin he got from sitting in front of the computer all day.  And those sexy acne scars on his cheeks? Talk about a panty melter, woo boy. Why was he sticking with some worthless cock addict like her? 

She decided that she had to try to make it up to him.  When they moved in together, she was going to make sure that she did all the cooking and cleaning.