Anna had been playing for a long time, but she just couldn’t seem to win. She was usually able to get those bad-luck face cards out of her hand, but she wasn’t able to do much with all those numbers.

Tom just kept winning game after game. She was already out of money, and she was running out of clothes fast. Tom said that she could always go all in with her entire mind, body, and soul, but he said he didn’t think she was bold enough.

If there was one thing Anna couldn’t stand, it was being told she couldn’t do something. She considered her cards. While this wasn’t a great hand, she was pretty sure she could bluff Tom this time.

“Oh, really?” Tom said. “Show me your cards, then.”

Anna obeyed.

“You’ve got a chance, Anna. That’s almost a pair. You should probably go all in.”

Anna smiled as she stripped and pushed herself into the pot.