It was only Mary’s second day as a house cleaner when the company sent her to Mr. Richardson’s place. He spent the entire two hours she was there watching her every move and giving her specific instructions on how everything in his home should attended too, much of which seemed to involve her needing to get on her hands and knees. 

When her boss handed her the schedule for next week she refused to return, “I’m not really comfortable there” she explained.

“He’s offering to tip you double your salary every Tuesday” her boss pleaded not wanting to lose the account, “You must have impressed him, because you’re the first house keeper he’s ever asked to return.” 

“I don’t know….” Mary said looking over the schedule again. “Wait, his house is my only job that day?”

“He’s insisting that you spend all day at his place, because it’s the only way to do it properly” 

“I don’t want some weirdo creeping over me all day long

“He said he won’t even been home while you’re there!” Her boss dangled the key to Mr. Richardson’s home in front of her face, “Double the rate” he repeated.  Reluctantly she took it from him, the money was just too good to pass up.

The first day was the weirdest. When she walked in, she could hear his voice and she almost turned around right then and there, but just as he promised, the house was empty. He had left an audio recording of his voice playing through home’s audio system explaining in detail what her “chores” were that day. The loop started anew and the first words of the recording were, “If you’re wearing that silly uniform, take it off and wear something comfortable from now on.” 

She liked the sound of that, no need to follow protocol if his house was the only one she’d be cleaning that day. “Duty number one, mop the floor” echoed his deep voice as he went on to explain the exact measurements of cleaning material. He even went so far as to tell her when to rinse the sponge. Once the loop started over she tried to turn off the recording, but couldn’t find a speaker let alone a remote to end it. At first it was a little annoying, but it quickly became background noise as she went about her day.  

Tuesdays had quickly become her favorite day. She loved no longer needing to wear that stupid uniform anymore and he never bothered her at all (other than his recordings of course). But it was nice, she made good money and had the whole day to herself, plus the “chores” were always pretty simple. “Get on her hands and knees. Extend your arm under the bed with a duster and stroke up and down to collect the dust.” His voice commanded as she cleaned his room. “Stoke up. And down. Stroke up and down” he repeated “Good girl.”

Mary paused. Did he just say good girl? But the recording had moved on to her next task, “If you’re wearing pants please remove them to avoid getting the sheets dirty and climb onto the bed.” She rolled her eyes, god forbidden her dirty jeans touch the sheets she thought as she let them fall to the floor before climbing on the bed. “Sit on your knees, if you are uncomfortable, grab a pillow and straddle it.” She wasn’t necessarily uncomfortable, but without thinking she did as she was told and placed a firm pillow between her legs. “Now reach up and dust the mirror above the bed.”

Had there always been a mirror above the bed? “Using your hips, dust the mirror back and forth” his voice interrupted her thoughts and she began to move her hips. “That’s it, really take your time and enjoy yourself” his deep voice commanded, she bit her lip as the friction from the pillow teased her clit. “Increase your pace” she let out a little moan and she went faster, pressing harder into the pillow as she grinded against it. “Look at yourself in the mirror, is it clean enough?” he asked. She craned her neck up, her eyes finding focus while she continued to gyrate against the pillow ever though she was no longer dusting. 

In the reflection she saw herself on top of Mr. Richards, his hands on her hips, guiding her motion. “What the…” she began 

“Don’t look away” his voice demanded and she held her gaze. “Is the mirror clean?” She nodded her head in the affirmative, she was so close to cumming. “You want to cum don’t you?”

“Yes…” she moaned. 

“What do you see?” his voice asked

“I see you under me….” it was taking everything in her power not to look away. 

“What do you feel?”

“Your cock inside me” she practically yelled. She did, she felt him deep inside her, his cock was huge and it was filling her completely. 

“Now cum for me….” her vision turned into a tunnel and her mind went blank as the climax took hold. She could feel his cum filling her pussy, his hands on her hips as she shook. “Look at yourself in the mirror. Is it clean enough?” his voice repeated. She looked up. She was alone, the pillow between her legs was soaked from her pussy juices.

“Good work. I’ll see you tomorrow” he voice repeated as she collected her things, her mind still in a haze as she left. 

“You’re here early” Mr. Richardson said as he looked out onto the back porch. 

“I just…” Mary couldn’t remember why she wanted to get here so early, “…thought maybe I could make you breakfast.” That was the last thing she expected to say.

“Come in” he commanded and held open the door for her.   

The bacon sizzled as he sipped his coffee. She felt his eyes on her ass as she bent down to grab the toaster. “So what will I be cleaning today sir?” she asked before starting the toast.

“The recording will tell you everything you need to know” he said with what seemed like the closest he was capable of smiling. She shivered as he looked up into her eyes, he was just so handsome. There was something about him, something authoritative, something powerful, something that made her pussy wet. The toast popped breaking her concentration. 

“Butter?” she asked and spread it for him when he nodded. She put his eggs on the plate and placed it down in front of him. 

“Good girl” he said and stood up without touching anything. “Be here when I return.” The door shut and she heard his voice as if it had been playing the entire time. “You love being in this home” his voice said. 

“I love being in this home” she said back, clearing off his plate and began to clean the kitchen. 

“This home belongs to your master” 

“This home belongs to my master” she said back without hesitation and scrubbed the floor. 

Like an excited puppy wagging it’s tail, her ass wiggled with excitement at the sound of master’s car pulling into the garage. She fell to her knees in front of the door and waited patiently, just like she did everyday. Just like she had always done. The door opened and shifted with excitement as Master entered his home. 

“Did you clean the floor, as I told you to?” he asked immediately upon seeing her and quickly scanned the room.

“Yes, Master,” she replied,  taking his bag. She began to untie his tie. “Come, have a seat. You must be tired after your long day. She led him by the hand to the couch, her ankle cuffs jangling as she walked. He sat down and she threw the tie over the arm of the couch.

“What’s that, over there?” he pointed to a corner that was not shiny like the rest of the newly mopped wood. “Slave, did you miss a spot?”

“I’m sorry, Master. It was an accident. Let me make it up to you,” she got down on her knees and went to unbuckle his pants, but he slapped her hand away. 

“No,” he said sharply. “I won’t reward you with my cock for failing to complete a simple task.”

“Of course not, Master,” she said. “Just tell me how I can please you. I’ll do anything, Master,” she sat back on her heels and waited for instruction.

“I told you I wanted this floor so clean you could eat off of it, do you remember that?”

“Yes, Master, I do,” she said.

“Would you eat off of this floor?” he asked.

“If you would like me to, Master,” she replied.

“Lick it,” he commanded.

“Yes, Master,” she said, putting her hands down on the floor and lowering herself. She licked the wood, slowly, deliberately, thinking about how good it would be when she finally got to suck her Master’s beautiful cock.

“That’s enough,” he said, after she had cleaned about a square foot section of the floor with her tongue. “Now lick my shoes, show me some respect,” he told her.

She crawled closer and grabbed his shiny black shoe and began to lap at it. He leaned back and closed his eyes. “That’s a good slave,” he said with a sigh.

“Have you eaten today?” he asked as she continued to lick away at his shoe.

“No, Master, you told me not to eat until you were home,” she said between licks.

“That’s right, good girl,” he said. “Does my shoe taste good to you, slave?”

“Yes, Master, but not as good as your cum, Master,” she said.

“Finish my other shoe,” he stroked her head, “and then I’ll let you polish my cock too,” he said. “Do you think you’ll have enough spit for my cock?”

At the mere mention of it, she felt her pussy contract and her mouth filled with more saliva.  She would need to be patient, but her body ached for his dick.

He leaned forward to survey her work. “You’re doing a very good job, slave,” he told her. “I forgive your mistake,” he said. “You’re doing such a good job, I just might let you fuck me after you finish pleasuring me with your mouth. Would you like that, slave?”

“MMMMhmmmm,” she replied, as she completed another long stroke with her tongue. She was so lucky.