Dawn immediately felt her entire body relaxing as she took a deep breath of the pheromones that the redhead blew in her face. At first, she’d been panicking upon seeing Poison Ivy on her doorstep, wondering how the villainess had discovered her secret identity, but now…there was no reason to panic. Just relax…

The next words that came out of the villainess’ mouth floated right into Dawn’s brain and solidified themselves, telling Dawn that Ivy was the most attractive person she’d ever met, and that she should invite her in. She instantly found herself growing aroused as she stared at Ivy, before stepping aside and inviting her in.

Once she was inside, the villainess blew another handful of pheromones in Dawn’s face, and she breathed them in deeply, smiling at the other woman. Ivy kept talking, her words reshaping Dawn’s mind.

“You only became a heroine to catch my attention…” Of course she did. Poison Ivy was the sexiest person in the world, Dawn knew that…and the best way to get her attention was obviously to become a heroine…

“You’ve always wanted to be my pretty little birdie, my pet…” Of course that was true. Why else would she call herself Dove? She’d wanted Ivy’s first thought of her to be that she’d make a good pet, that she was just a silly little birdie, looking for an owner to catch her…

“Now that your Mistress is here to make you her pet, you don’t need to be a hero anymore.” Another obvious thing. She never even wanted to be a hero. She just wanted to be Ivy’s pet, and now that Ivy was her Mistress, and she was Mistress’ pet…she didn’t need to be anything else anymore…

Dawn felt vines starting to snake up her legs as Ivy kept speaking, but her eyes remained focused on her Mistress’ face, not looking away.

“You’re going to tell me the names of all of your lady friend heroines…” Dawn’s mouth instantly opened to start listing them off, but Ivy put her finger on the former heroine’s lips.

“Shh, not yet, my pet…” Ivy purred, as the vines started to tear Dawn’s clothes off of her, “Just listen for now…we’ll get to your friends later. Your only purpose in life, your only value now is pleasing your Mistress, and my darling Harley. You don’t need your intelligence anymore…you’re just a dumb little birdie, aren’t you? My dumb little birdie… The only thing I want left in your head is thoughts of obedience, and your memories, I have use for those…”

Dawn moaned softly as the vines wrapped around her breasts, squeezing them, and two of the thicker vines lined themselves up with her ass and her pussy, and then thrust in roughly, starting to quickly thrust in and out of her holes as she felt her intelligence draining from her head.

“Let me test if you’re being a good birdie. Count to ten for me, Dawn,” Dawn’s Mistress purred at her.

“O-one…” Dawn mumbled, between her moans as the vines fucked her mercilessly, “Umm…t-two…” She moaned louder as the vines sped up, trying her best to remember the…thingies…the…numb…numbies? Is that what they were called? She wanted to be a good birdie for Mistress, but those numbies were hard to think of… “Uh…t-ten?”

Ivy chuckled as she looked at her birdie, making the vines slow down and force the former heroine to her knees, “Such a good dumb birdie. Now, one last thing. I know you’re a slut that let men stick their cocks in you, and I know that thought makes you sick now. After all, you just want to pleasure your Mistress now. As you drink my nectar, you’re going to forget about all of the men you ever fucked.  Every memory you have of them will disappear. In fact…hmm…every memory you have of any man in your life will vanish. You’ll only remember the ladies, especially the heroic ones. You’re my lesbian pet now, you don’t need to know what a man is…”

Mistress stepped forward, her dripping pussy moving so close to Dawn’s lips, and she obediently started lapping away at it, eagerly drinking down her Mistress’ nectar… One by one, all the men Dawn had known in her life started disappearing…her Mistress was so kind. She’d only fucked those men because she was trying to distract herself from how badly she wanted to become Poison Ivy’s pet…now she didn’t need those distractions, so she didn’t need to remember them.

And for the rest of her life, she’d be able to replace those missing memories with many, many memories of drinking her Mistress’ nectar…