Medical Grade

I come home and they’re on the bed, waiting for me, naked. I undress and we smoke together. To me it feels like kind of a cross between really good weed and molly. I got it from a friend, a phD candidate in the neuroscience department. He says it affects everyone differently, but that women tend to feel the effects more intensely. I don’t understand exactly what it does, but I know it increases levels of serotonin and oxytocin, heightening feelings of sexual arousal, and, well, basically love. But it isn’t a quick burst and then a crash. It’s more of a cumulative effect. The more frequent the use, the stronger the feelings become.

I met Anna online a few months ago and made plans to get a drink. We were getting along pretty well, having a good conversation, but I could tell, like with so many before her, that there was no “spark,” as they say. No chemistry, as I’ve been told a week later, via text. That she liked me, but more “as a friend.” We paid for our drinks (separately) and as we walked out I braced myself for the quick hug/peck on the cheek that means “you’re nice, but I’ll never see you again.”

But before she could do anything, I pulled the joint out from my pocket. “You smoke?” I asked her, as if it was an afterthought. She nodded and moved closer. “Oh, that’s good,” she said as she exhaled a cloud of smoke. “It’s for my chronic back pain,” I told her, with a wink. She laughed. I could already see her body language toward me changing. I looked her directly in the eye. “I want to see you again,” I told her. She gave me a cute, sort of high looking smile. “You want to see me again,” I had to make a concerted effort to phrase it as a statement, instead of a question. “You need to see me again,” I revised. “That would be nice,” she leaned in and gave me a real kiss, not a peck.


Today I want them to entertain me. I sit in a chair across from the bed and tell them to begin. They both scoot to the center of the bed, their tits almost touching, their bodies mirroring each other. They can’t stop watching me. I feel my cock twitch, like it can feel their gaze. Anna looks into my eyes and I tell her, “Eat your sister’s pussy.”

“Yes, Master,” she spreads Lara’s knees and crawls between her legs, burying her head.

“Good girl,” I tell her, like she’s my pet performing a new trick. She returns a muffled high pitched “uh-huh,” her face deep in Lara’s cunt. 

Lara closes her eyes tightly and clutches her sister’s hair. I can see her hips quivering and she lets out of a low moan. I snap my fingers to get her attention and she opens her eyes and looks at me. Anna is still hard at work, tonguing her clit from the looks of it. 

“Lara, you are not going to cum until you have my cock.” She moans again. “No, Master…..of course not, Master. I live for your cock. I need your cock.”

I was planning on enjoying the show for a while longer, but my dick is uncomfortably hard now. “Anna, you may stop,” I say, forcefully, so that she can hear me–Lara’s thighs are pressed tightly against her head, her tight little ass in the air. Slowly, she turns to look at me, her face shining with her sister’s juice. 

“Come here,” I pat my leg. “Both of you.” They both slide off the bed and kneel before me. “I need you to take turns pleasuring me,” I place my hands on their heads and gently stroke their long hair. “I want to give you both my cum.”

“Yes, Master,” their eyes are wild, ravenous. “Thank you, Master,” they say, almost in unison, before Lara plunges my cock deep into her warm mouth.

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