Whenever her hypnotherapist shows Mandip the spiral, she feels safe, calm and relaxed. There’s nothing to fear when she’s staring deep into the depths of the spiral. She trusts her hypnotherapist completely. He’d never lead her astray.

No, all Mandip has to do, is keep looking, keep herself calm, centred, watching the spiral pull her down, down, so deeply down, so deep now, she doesn’t need to think, doesn’t need to remember, doesn’t need to fight, as it pulls her deeper, deeper, so very deeply down, her conscious mind switching off, so deeply sleepy now, that all she needs to do is relax, listen, and accept. 

Relax, so deeply down now, relax, listen, accept, obey. Obey the command to accept as truth anything the hypnotherapist tells her. Obey the instruction to find herself deeply attracted to the hypnotherapist, in love, and lust, with him. 

Yes, that’s right, all she has to do is go deeper, sleep deep now, obeying, undressing, serving and worshipping. And then coming up, slowly, higher and higher, feeling so good, forgetting anything and everything the hypnotherapist tells her to forget, remembering only that she trusts him, feels safe and secure with him, loves him, adores him, and will be his mindless pleasure puppet, whenever he so desires…

Yes, I’ve been watching the new series of Doctor Who, and Mandip Gill is beautiful, so here she is..