“Why so serious, Wonder Woman? You should smile more…”

Without realising, without thinking, the Amazonian complied. It seemed…totally natural, as if he’d read her mind, and just said what she was already thinking.

You should forget all about investigating the disappearance of those girls. All that kind of thing is, like, totally boring to you now.”

Wonder Woman giggled. He was so, like, right! 

You should follow me back to my private office, removing all your clothes as you do so. You want nothing more in life than to be my devoted sex slave.”

With that, he turned away, and Wonder Woman followed, meekly, behind him. The broad grin fixed on her face, the one time superhero reached behind her, loosening her corset, until it fell to the ground.

It’s like he knows me better than I know myself! I can’t wait for him to fuck me!

A quick caption and manip, based on this original GIF.