Poison Ivy



Helena felt her body slipping away as she continued to breathe deeply. 

Say what you will about Ivy, she doesn’t lie. The metahuman had told the young crime fighter that she had been breeding a new type of mind control spore to be released in Gotham sometime next week. After defeating Helena in hand to hand combat, Ivy had slipped on a mask and forced the woman to become her latest test subject. 

Helena sighed again. She felt the spores fill her lungs with every breath she took. A warm, fuzzy feeling blanketed her mind, wrapping it up and slowly constricting it. She wasn’t losing consciousness, but it was becoming increasingly difficult to think. 

She tried to fight the spore’s effect, Helena couldn’t muster the strength. All she could do is breath in and let the warmth blanket her, just breath in and accept her fate. It was easier to breath in and let herself go.

 A door opened behind her and she heard footsteps coming closer.  

“Well, well, well….who would have thought that the mighty Huntress was a mob bosses daughter?  In any case, Ms. Bertinelli, you’ll soon be working for me instead of the Bat.”

The voice belonged to Poison Ivy, a criminal mastermind and nature enthusiast. Ivy placed her hands on Helena’s shoulders and leaned in close to whisper, “You’re not like the other primates, no…..you’re stronger.” Helena felt Ivy gently slide her fingers up to her temples and lightly massage her. 

“No, the others, the monkey men, fell completely under my sway the moment they were exposed to the spores.” Ivy gestured to where three dead police lay in the corner of the room. “You resisted me,” she continued with a slight laugh, “I knew you had to be special. Who would have thought that the Bat would have sent you here, using your secret identity as a disguise? Hahahaha, did you have fun poking around my greenhouse?”

Helena hardly registered Ivy’s words, all she could think about was how the massage felt so good. Ivy’s fingers felt heavenly. The effect of the spores working in tandem with Ivy’s fingers helped the fear of being captured slowly drain from the young woman’s mind. 

“Now, I have a plan for you,” Ivy said wickedly as she slipped her hands down her captive’s body. Ivy motioned for one of her vines to draw near. Immediately the vine obeyed and slid up the captive woman’s body, forcing her legs to spread. Ivy took the opportunity to slip a hand up Helena’s dress and began rubbing her clit.

Helena moaned softly as she felt Ivy’s hand bring her body to life. The young woman couldn’t remember ever feeling this good. Her mind still dull and fuzzy, her body alive and awake, she was the perfect plaything.

“Soon you’ll forget about being one of the ‘good guys’,” Ivy whispered in her captive’s ear. “Soon, you’ll help me take this city. I’m going to make you cum girl, I’m going to break your will and make you mine.” Ivy motioned again, the vine slid the rest of the way up Helena’s leg and inserted itself inside her now dripping wet pussy.

Helena gasped as she felt the thick vine penetrate her. She squirmed as the last bit of her will left her. All she felt was pleasure, all she heard was Ivy’s voice, all she cared about was cumming in the service of Ivy. 

Combination of mind control spores and pleasure conditioning in this sizzling fanfic from @callipoeschronicles