A woman enthralled by the lascivious curve of a strap-on shows up in my Libido League story “Savior Seduced.”

In it, the superheroine Argent (in her secret identity as Alexis Ames) is trying to help her former sidekick (Sable / Yvonne Yates) leave her wicked new girlfriend. The girlfriend, Mia Masters, catches them and uses some very persuasive technology to get the two superheroines naked, horny, and at her mercy. Here’s the scene when she really unleashes the full power of the Mesmerizer strap-on upon Alexis’s pleasure-drunk mind:

Out of the corner of my
eye, I could see Mia. The hot, twisted, sexy bitch had
stripped out of her clothes (since when had I thought of Mia as “hot”
or “sexy”? I’ll grant you “twisted bitch” but something was
wrong with this picture). She fastened the leather straps and steel
buckles of a strap-on dildo around her hips. It was covered with
ludicrously intricate ridges and knobs. It was bright purple, or
pink, or electric blue? I couldn’t quite tell. The color seemed to
shift even as I looked at its lewd shape. I had never much liked
strap-ons, but something kept me from taking my eyes off of it.

Mia looked down at me
with an evil grin. “I see you’ve noticed my Mesmerizer, Alexis.”
Mesmerizer? Like the supervillain Mia was supposedly linked with?
I thought.

Mia crawled behind
Yvonne. Grabbing a handful of Yvonne’s hair like a handle, she yanked
her head back, away from my still-kissing lips. “Yvonne, tell
Alexis what you want me to do with my Mesmerizer.”

Yvonne stared at me.
“Alexis, I want Mia to fuck me hard with her Mesmerizer.” Her
voice was high-pitched and strained with arousal, even as her
gorgeous blue eyes stared at me with unnatural focus.

Mia snapped, “Alexis,
I won’t give Yvonne what she wants until you ask me for it.”
Something about the way she said it, and the vibrato of the
not-a-sound, made the statement feel like most important ultimatum I
had ever heard. “Yvonne, beg her.”

“Please, Alexis.
Please ask Mia to fuck me. Please ask her to fuck me hard. I need to
be fucked so bad. Please, Alexis. Please,” Yvonne babbled. Sliding
her dribbling pussy along my thigh until it grazed my own sodden
nether lips; rubbing her stiff nipples against my own yearning
nubbins; Yvonne begged me with her body as much as with her words.

Mia grinned down at me
triumphantly. “You said you would do anything to make Yvonne
feel good, Alexis. Was that just talk, or are you going to follow

Fuck, but I hated Mia.
I hated what she had brought me to. But there was nothing else to do.
I might have seen some other solution, if I were Argent the
superheroine. But somehow my identity in the mask seemed like another
lifetime. The wall of the phone’s not-a-sound that imprisoned my mind
made any other option unthinkable. I uttered the words I detested,
“Please, Mia.”

“Please what?
Mia sneered.

“Please fuck Yvonne,
you heartless bitch!” I shouted. I hated how saying the word
“please” made my pussy clench deliciously.

“Please fuck Yvonne
how?” Mia gloated.

I screamed in
frustration. “Please fuck Yvonne hard. Please fuck her with that
ridiculous Mesmerizer, you fucking bitch.”

Mia threw her head back
with a laugh of triumph and thrust her hips forward. I could see a
look of complete animal pleasure wash over Yvonne’s face as the shaft
of the Mesmerizer sank deep into her dripping pussy. I could almost
feel the ridges and knobs of the strap-on caressing the sugar walls
of Yvonne’s tight little box. Every coo and gasp and moan she made
between the passionate kisses we shared sent my own arousal soaring
higher still. She leaned forward with each thrust, rubbing her thigh
hard up against my own needy lips, sending thrills of pleasure up my

I hated to admit it,
even to myself, but throwing my dignity aside and begging Mia had
been worth it. It was so hot. And not just because Mia was telling me
to feel that way as she relentlessly thrust in and out of Yvonne’s

Yvonne’s shrieks of
passion grew more strident. Mia called out, “Yvonne, look Alexis in
the eye as you cum for me now!

Yvonne broke off our
kiss and gazed into my eyes. “I’m cumming for you, Mia! I’m cumming
for you!” she squealed as her body thrashed and shuddered against
mine. All the pleasure I had wanted to offer Yvonne now washed over
her, springing from the touch of another. Her beautiful dark eyes
fluttered with each wave of orgasm reverberating through her body. I
had never seen such intensity before. No one could ever give as much
pleasure as Mia. Mia was the best lover ever. Mia was telling me so
as Yvonne shuddered in my arms.

As Yvonne’s climax
subsided, she slid off of me, trembling with the aftershocks of
bliss. I held her close and kissed her forehead, burying my face in
her sweat-slicked hair. My body still ached for release, but holding
Yvonne’s pleasure-sated softness would be more than enough.

“Look at me, Alexis,”
Mia called. My eyes snapped open. Mia had crawled to take Yvonne’s
place between my thighs. The now-neon yellow Mesmerizer glistened
with Yvonne’s juices, its bright orange length bobbing just a few
inches above my open, needy pussy. Somehow, the shape of the twisting
whorls upon its surface combined with the quavers of the not-a-sound
resounding in my ears. It was like every sense, every thought, every
desire was focused on just that sound, on just that phallus. I
couldn’t avert my eyes. I couldn’t distract my thoughts. I was
completely and utterly enthralled.

“What are you looking
at, Alexis?” Mia asked. I could hear the wicked delight in her

“I’m looked at the
Mesmerizer,” I said, my voice breathy and desperate.

“What do you want,

“I want … the
Mesmerizer,” I said. I did want it. I thirsted for its glowing
green touch.

“What arouses you,

“I am aroused by …
I am aroused by … the Mesmerizer,” I moaned.

“What commands you,

“I …” Nothing
commands Argent, the superherione! “I am …” I am Alexis Ames,
horny and helpless. “I am … commanded … by … the …
Mesmerizer.” Admitting defeat inched me closer to a massive orgasm
I could feel building inside. I mewled with pleasure.

Mia laughed with
victory. “Oh, yes, you are commanded by the Mesmerizer, you
self-righteous bitch! And I am going to make you pay for every
insult.” She moved the pulsing magenta shaft down to tease my
swollen pussy lips. “But first, an orgasm will help cement the
Mesmerizer’s control of your feeble brain. Alexis, I order you to
fuck me until you cum!”

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