“Don’t stop. Oh god,
don’t stop. So good,” Doctor Q, the Enchantress Exemplar of Earth, moaned as she ground her hips up against his strong, commanding hand.

“This pleasure is nothing next to
submission to Demon Prince Incubus,” her lover replied as he pumped his fingers deep into her dripping cunt.

“Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck. But he’s gone. I
bani—oh fuck—I banished him.”

“Yes, you banished me, Doctor Q,” Incubus replied. “That is why I possess this
man’s flesh. To tempt your loins and evade your wards. And you
invited me into you home. Into your bed. Into your cunt.”

“Oh, fuck. Gotta fight. Want it so bad,” Doctor Q’s voice was tight with need.

“Soon, Doctor Q, you will
invite me into your soul.”

“No. Oh. Oh. Never. Oh fuck. So good,” Any strength Doctor Q had ever possessed to pull away had vanished. It had dribbled out her cunt and down her slick thighs.

“All you want is to cum,” Incubus whispered in the sorceress’s ear. “Let me into your soul and you can cum.”

“Oh, fuck. No. Fuck. Oh fuck. Please. No,” she babbled with need.

“I could … stop,” Incubus stilled his hand.

“NO!” Doctor Q screamed. She had never needed anything more than this release. “Please. Anything. TAKE MY SOUL BUT LET ME CUM—AAAHHH!”

“Excellent,” Incubus cooed as Doctor Q’s body quaked with aftershocks. “Doesn’t defeat feel good?”

“Oooooh. Yes, Master,” the enslaved sorceress moaned.

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