A bound woman fucks a helpless man while faceless strangers observe. This reminds me of my second Libido League story, “Getting In.”

Our favorite sexy psychic Mnemonica is trying to infiltrate the evil Indocrinated Circle, so she can bring them down from the inside. Her final initiation ritual involves capturing an innocent bystander, called Chet, and forcing him to bring her to orgasm while the entire Indoctrinated Circle, under the command of their First Blade, watches.

Things don’t go quite as Mnemonica had planned:

The First Blade
spoke again, “The Circle sees your conquest, and approves. The
Circle hears your resolve, and admires. The Circle smells your lust,
and hungers.” His voice was so deep, I could feel the echo
quivering in the pit of my belly. “Welcome the Circle’s passion
within you, and the Circle will welcome your will into its ranks.”

That was my cue to
begin the last part of the initiation ritual. I had dressed the part
of a dominatrix, and brought a strong man to his knees in their
sacred chamber. For a final sign of my trust and devotion to the
Circle, I had to command Chet bring me to full orgasm here in front
of all of them.

I know, I know.
Twisted cults have twisted initiation rites. What can I say?

There was no point
in going this far and stopping now. I looked back down at Chet and
gazed into his beautiful glassy eyes for a moment. “Please me,” I
said softly. “Make me cum.”

Chet had been
waiting for permission. He immediately began to kiss and lick my
belly as his fingers hooked the waistband of my panties and pulled
them down, exposing the white flesh and red downy fur hidden beneath
the black fabric. Even my rosy bush had been shaved into the shape of
the Circle’s great eye. As the panties dropped to my ankles, I
stepped out of them and spread my legs apart, allowing Chet to
tenderly stroke the insides of my thighs, and the outsides of my
moist folds. Shivers of pleasure ran up my spine from every touch.
The chanting grew faster.

Chet kissed his way
down my belly to my sensitive mound, gently nuzzling my fiery trimmed
bush. But he was so tall, and I was so short, that even kneeling gave
him an awkward angle for cunnilingus. I knew there was a wooden
railing a foot or so behind me—somewhere for the devoted to kneel
and pray to the Circle’s arcane gods. I wanted to hop back and perch
myself on it to give Chet better access to a zone he was obviously
well acquainted with, but the Circle’s rules were strict about this
part of the ritual. I must do nothing for myself. The First
Blade had lectured me thoroughly beforehand. As the Circle works
through you, so you must work through your conquest.

Despite my breath
coming in ragged gasps, I managed to croak out. “Lift me up, Chet.
Place me on the railing.” Without hesitation, Chet’s strong hands
wrapped around my waist. He lifted me easily, as if I were no more
than a doll in his powerful grip. I purred with the thrill that such
strength—which dwarfed me physically—was powerless before my
will. Chet was no superhero, but his body rippled with taut muscles.

Chet placed me
gently on the railing. The polished wood was warm on my naked ass,
but the railing was thin. To keep my balance, I had to spread my legs
wide and entwine my legs and ankles around the bannister posts. This
kept me secure, but immobile. I could hear several of the boots’
decorative bangles click against the wood. Blessed with a far better
position, Chet genuflected before me and began to worship my pussy
with his tongue.

Each lick and
nibble felt amazing, sending me into an ecstatic daze. I wanted to
close my eyes and drink in the sensations, but I knew that even my
reactions to bliss were being studied and scrutinized. Everything
here was a test. I had to look like I was in control. To keep my
eyelids from fluttering too much as desire rose within me, I raised
my head and gazed onto the Great Seal of the Circle. Its dark,
polished iron and glinting stained-glass shape loomed above me like a
massive, commanding eye. For a moment, I felt as though it could gaze
into my very soul. I began to wonder if the Circle did have a spell
or two at its disposal. Maybe the Libido League should have sent
Doctor Q?

If the Great Seal
could see into my soul, it would behold an inferno of lust and
passion. The special oils that the Circle’s servants had massaged
into my flesh were now setting my skin on fire and every lick of
Chet’s tongue on my clit threw more fuel on the flames. I tried to
keep my composure as best I could, even as I could feel the first
promise of a massive orgasm rising deep in my quivering pussy. But
the pleasure was too much to keep silent. My ragged sighs blossomed
into a series of insistent, building moans giving voice to my

It took me a moment
to realize that my moans, and Chet’s tongue, had fallen into sync
with the chanting that surrounded us. Even the reflections from the
Great Seal that filled my vision had succumbed to the rhythm of
pleasure, of lust, of the Circle. Somehow, falling into rhythm with
the ritual made everything feel even better.

I was so enthralled
by pleasure that I hadn’t even noticed that the First Blade had
stepped behind me. I was struggling to maintain my balance on the
narrow railing as my hips tried to rock in time with the ecstatic
sounds and sights and sensations. The First Blade spoke not a word,
but I could feel his hot, muscled chest a few inches from my back. He
placed his hands, palms-up, underneath my own hands, wordlessly
inviting me to trust him, to lean on him. I didn’t know if this was
part of the ritual or another test, or a simple offer of kindness,
but I had followed the Circle’s instructions this far. They had
gotten me here, to the edge of paradise. I would take the chance that
following them a bit further would bring me the rest of the way to

And to saving the
world, of course. Can’t forget that part.

I placed my small,
gloved hands in his large, muscular palms. Just the sense of having
something to cling to improved my balance instantly. A squeal of joy
escaped my lips as I could drink in every last endorphin triggered by
Chet’s tongue, without worrying about falling off the railing. My
eyes rolled back for a moment. The First Blade didn’t close his
strong fingers around mine, as though he were leaving me the option
to pull away. But pulling away was the last thing I wanted to do. As
another wave of red-hot bliss swept over me, I arched my back hard,
resting my head on the First Blade’s shoulder, and rubbing my
shoulder blades on his chest hair. He eased back, allowing me to arch
further. Each convulsion of pleasure felt better than the last, and
each one drove me further off balance, further into his arms, deeper
into the shadows.

As each shudder of
pleasure allowed me to lean farther and farther back, one small,
rational corner of my mind wondered if this was such a good idea.
Until now, every piece of the ritual had been about me exerting my
will and my power over Chet, and over myself. And yet here I was,
leaning on one who was not under my power, depending on his
support more and more each second. Even though it felt incredible, I
knew I needed to sit up. I would do it after another lick, or two, or

The First Blade was
still supporting my weight, but had brought my hands together behind
my back. The position was slightly awkward, but something about the
way my shoulder blades compressed as my elbows touched set off a
series of erotic fireworks down my spine. The almost-orgasm commanded
a shriek of pleasure from my throat, and my eyes rolled shut despite
myself. It wasn’t until my scream’s echo faded that I realized
the First Blade had slipped his hands away, leaving me bent like a
taut bowstring, my wrists together behind me resting on another,
lower railing.

A moment later, I
tried to rise, to spread my arms apart for better leverage. It was
then that I realized that the little metal ornaments on the two
gloves had tangled with each other, binding my arms together from
wrist to elbow. I had been ensnared physically, just as I had
ensnared Chet mentally.

Being restrained
is not part of the ritual!

I began to panic. The
First Blade tricked me!

But each new wave of pleasure seemed to feel even better in this
position—as if my entire body was an offering to Chet’s tongue,
and to the Circle that had set it loose upon me. I was so

to cumming. I could almost—

I would not
end up on the wrong end of the leash. My arms may have been pinned,
but I could still grip the back railing tightly, and pull myself—oh
so reluctantly—away from Chet’s seductive tongue. I shut my eyes
tight, flexed my abs, and kicked my legs hard … only to find that
the bangles on my boots had wrapped themselves tightly around the
bannister posts. I could not escape Chet’s ravishing lips. I was
caught and bound, open and accessible to all. Defenseless.

voice of the First Blade filled the room. These new words were not
been part of the ritual I had been taught. “First, her will
consumed his strength. Now, our lust dissolves her will. Next, The
Circle shall devour her soul!” The tone of the chanting shifted,
too. From celebratory to predatory. I could feel what could only be
true magics that The Circle must be using beginning to affect me. A
warm, erotic tingle began to pulse from my manicured bush, radiating
rapture … and submission. I never should have underestimated them.
My awareness began to close in, as if all the universe ended at my
skin. All that existed  was the heat of The Circle’s kisses on my
cunt, and the tight, delectable contortions of my bound limbs. My
body obeys The Circle already—No, dammit. I will fight these

jolt of two fingers on my temples caused my eyes to shoot open again.
I was staring straight at another version of the Great Seal, this one
behind me. I was looking at it inverted, as my bondage had forced my
head to arch backward over my shoulders, turning every frame of
reference upside-down. I could feel the image of the Great Seal
working its arcane power on my soul, but couldn’t force my eyes to
shut. I could feel heat radiating from the silver jewelry woven into
my hair as it channeled arcane power into my brain, and my carefully
braided locks composed enslaving runes that wreathed my head. The
Circle trapped me so masterfully. They are so powerful I never could
have opposed them. I will be so happy as their slave—

“No,” I shouted
with the force of a whisper.

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