Erika blinked several times before looking down at her enlarged chest and then dropping her arms to her side and letting out a shriek, “What have you done to me!”

She looked up at Gerald behind his desk and anger cascaded over her face, she took an unsteady step towards him in the unfamiliar heels that were on her feet.

“Why I’ve done nothing to you Erika.” he replied with a self satisfied smile, “Don’t you remember?  This has all been your own doing.”

His confident reply stopped her in her tracks, “What… what do you mean?  I didn’t get… these!” she said waving her hands at her breasts.

“Why of course you did, don’t you remember?”

“Remember… remember what?”

“Maybe we should start with the last thing you do remember Erika…”

She scrunched her forehead and tried to think back… “I… I was in your office.  I was going to fire you…”

“Ah yes, I remember that day… but that was over six months ago Erika.  And you obviously didn’t fire me now did you?”

She tried to remember, “No… no I didn’t, but I meant to…”

“Well, what did you do?”

“I… I… I gave you a raise?” the anger on her face disappeared and was replaced by pure shock.

Why had she done that?  She could clearly remember it now, telling him how good of job he was doing, offering him the raise, even though she could also remember wanting to fire him on the spot.

She’d been weeding out all of the old men from the company she inherited from her parents when they died in the terrible car accident.  She’d taken over and quickly started to replace the dead wood with her friends from university and Gerald was the last one she had to get rid of.

“That’s right, I was most grateful for that too.  It was a whole new beginning for us wasn’t it?”

“Yes… yes it was…” she stuttered out, the memory of the next few weeks starting to come back to her.  She’d started to ask him his opinion on just about every discussion she had to make.  Most of the time he just agreed with her and everything was fine, but once in a while he disagreed and after just a few seconds, she found herself switching to his view.

But it was strange, she could remember those weeks, but it was like she wasn’t really there, like her mind and body were on autopilot and she was just a passenger along for the ride.

“And what happened next Erika?” he prodded her.

“I… I wanted some more… free time… to focus on myself.  I… oh god… I asked you to take over some of my duties!” the shock returned to her face as she remember walking in to his office and asking… asking, not telling him, if he would do her a favour and take some of her work off her plate.

It horrified her, how could she do that?

“And I was happy to do that favour for you wasn’t I?  Tell me Erika, what did you do with that extra free time?”

Still half in shock, her mind leapt straight to the gym.  She could clearly see herself working out on the stationary bikes, doing yoga, spending time on the treadmill.  Working herself in to a sweat, at first before work and then both before and after work.

“Oh god no… the gym…”

“Yes, the gym.  I have to say Erika it really did pay off, all that time spent working on yourself, don’t you think?”

Erika’s hands wrapped around her waist, the moved to the front and back of her midsection, sliding down over her taught abs and firm ass.

“But that wasn’t enough was it Erika?”

Erika looked up at Gerald’s eyes, her own wide with almost panic, “No… please no more… I don’t want to…” but it was too late, the memory of asking Gerald to take over all of her duties had come flooding back.

But standing in front of him asking wasn’t the worst part, no that was the reason why that should couldn’t tell him.

Her time at the gym had done more than just tone and shape her body, it had made her hornier than she had ever imagined possible.  She had been spending several hours a day masturbating, including during the day in her office.

At first it had started simply, a quick session with her fingers after her workouts in the gym shower had satisfied her.  But eventually her fingers could no longer do the job and she’d had to go out and buy a dildo.  That had been better but even that faded after a couple of weeks.  Finally she’d started to watch porn as she masturbated, all kinds of porn, but the kind that she found the best was when the woman was on her knees or in some other way subjugating herself to the man.

“I… I asked you take over all my duties…” she finally said, her head falling in shame.

He smiled at her and continued, “That wasn’t all though, was it?”

“Please… I… I…” she tried to stop herself but it was impossible to, “I offered you my office too.”

“Yes, I did enjoy that… and what came next.”

She shivered at the memory, asking him to take her office, coming up with reasons why it made sense, as if she had to convince him to take it.  Then the most humiliating part of the conversation as she went on to explain she still needed to keep a close eye on him, after all she was still the boss so she should take the desk closest to him… the one just in front of his new office… the one where his secretary would sit.

She whimpered softly as she rode along with her memories of those weeks as she sat at her new desk, getting coffee, doing his paperwork, prancing around in tight little outfits that showed off her body, taking her coffee breaks in the bathroom and masturbating with porn playing on her phone.

“Now Erika, you seemed especially concerned about your breasts…”

Erika looked down at her tight top that hugged the two round globes that were affixed to her chest and shook her head from side to side, “No… please no…”, but it was too late.

The memory of walking in to his office, sitting on the edge of the chair, crossing her legs and placing her folded hands in her lap, looking over to him with awe and wonder as she asked for the two weeks off.

She’d promised it wouldn’t be any longer, no matter what, she would never leave him for any longer than absolutely necessary, he was too important not to have a secretary at his beck and call.

He’d grudgingly given her the time off, sternly warning her that she’d best be back at her desk in no more than two weeks, and she’d thanked him, thanked him!

And she’d kept her word, two weeks to the day she left she was once more sitting at her desk.  But now she pushed her new breasts out for him to see each time he walked by.

“I… I… did it?  Too myself?” she said softly, the confusion clearly in her voice.

“That’s right Erika, it was all your own doing, I didn’t do anything to you did I?”

“No… no you didn’t…” she responded, dejected that he wasn’t responsible some how.

“Good, now just a little bit more…” he said, leading her on and the memories of the last two weeks came flooding back all at once.

He’d called her in to his office, her work had gone down hill after her implants, the silicon seemed to supercharge her libido and she was masturbating in the bathroom more and more each day.

He’d finally had a complaint from one of the other women working in the office about the noise coming from the stall, even though she’d tried to keep quite, it had become impossible as she slammed the dildo in to her pussy and slapped her new breasts just like the video’s she watched so often.

She’d known what he was going to do, what he had to do, and she broke down, crying and dropping to her knees, begging him not to fire her.

She babbled desperately, promising to do anything he wanted just as long as she could keep working for him.

He’d dressed her down, telling her how useless she had become, how she was going to have to learn how to follow orders if she was going to stay, how all she was good for now was as eye candy.

Her pussy was dripping wet as he stood in front of her, literally talking down at her and she did the only thing she could think of.  Her fingers flew to his zipper and moments later her lips were wrapped around his cock as she desperately sucked him off in her old office, trying to keep her job.

When he came in her mouth she sucked every last drop from him, then tilted her head back and looked up, opening her mouth to show him his seed, then closed it once more and swallowed it all.  She opened her empty mouth once again before diving back on to his softening shaft to try and bring him around for a second time.

After that, she never masturbated in the washroom again.  Instead at each of her breaks, she entered his office, took a seat in front of his desk and performed for him until she came.

At lunch she made sure to have his food ready and take it to him, once he finished he then used her body in whatever way he chose until she received her own “liquid” lunch from him.

Her whole body shivered at the memories of the orgasms, he voice finally bringing her back to the moment, “So Erika, are you ready?”

She looked over to him, sitting behind his desk, holding a pen and she took the last few steps to the chair in front of it before sitting down, her knees still weak.

“Ready… I…”

He smiled, “You know I’ve had you on autopilot for so long and it’s been fun, but now it’s time to make things permanent.  And for that I need you to sign these…” he said and waved over several documents on his desk.

“What… what are they?” she asked, her hand trembling as she reached out for the pen that was in his hand.

“This one is a power of attorney, this one is your official resignation from the board, this one is your official resignation from CEO, this one is a transfer of all you company stock to me, this one is my promotion to CEO and this one… this one is your new employment contract.”

“But… I…”

“Oh come on now Erika, this has all been your idea from the start right?”

“It… it… has?” she half asked in response.

“Of course!  Your the one that started going to the gym.  Your the one that masturbates all the time.  Your the one that got the big fake tits.  Your the one that dropped to your knees and sucked off your boss.  You did all of that on your own.  Now all you have to do is sign a few papers and make all those choices permanent.”

A shiver of pleasure ran down her spine as she reached out and signed the first stack of papers, then the second, the third.  Each one becoming easier and easier until to the last one where her fingers twitched just above the line.

“Just one more Erika, do you need me to read it to you?”

“I… I… please…”

“Alight, here we go.  Employment contract between Gerald Foster, here after referred to as the employer, and Erika Stulwin, here after referred to as the employee.” he started to read and the shiver of pleasure intensified and nestled in to her pussy.

“The employer hereby offers the employee the dual position of secretary and live in maid at a yearly salary of $29,120.00.”

Her pussy twitched as the pen touched the paper.

“The employee will be responsible for, but not limited too, the following duties…”

Erika scrawled her signature across the page and gasped as a small orgasm came over her, by the time she had recovered Gerald was standing beside her.

“Time to get to work Erika.” he said and she immediately jumped from the chair, stripping naked and bending over his desk, pushing her ass in to the air as high as she could.

* * *

Gerald reached out and grabbed Erika’s ass, then raised his hand and slapped it hard, a cry of pure bliss coming from her lips as he did so.

He’d spent his entire adult life working for her father’s company and he’d be damned if he was going to get kicked out of it by some snotty twenty something because of a terrible accident.

No, he’d seen it coming as each of his long time colleges had been systematically replaced by Erika.  Not that some of them didn’t deserve it, many were far too set in their ways to be of any use to the company, but even so, there was some expectation of loyalty.

Fortunately there were ways to take care of such things, if one was will to walk on the other side of the law and could pay the price.  He didn’t have any idea how they did it, but the company came highly recommended and promised results, that they could clearly deliver.

Of course Erika hadn’t been the only one he’d had to have undergo the process, her friends that she’d hired would have known something was off, all told there were four that had been put through the process.

Susan, the VP of sales was making the best of it as the new receptionist.  She was very friendly and preferred to be called Suzi now and there was always a crowd around the blonde as she liked to show off her breasts that were even larger than her head.

Veronica, the VP of Human Resources seemed to be enjoying her role as office masseuse now that her office had been converted to make it easier for her to work.

And Wendy, the VP of Finance was definitely enjoying her new job as mail girl.  Especially when any of the guys need to give her a big hard package to deliver.

Of course the board of directors had been suspicious, but unlike Erika, the other three had succumbed to the process much faster.  By the time the board had started asking question Susi, Veronica and Wendy were more than happy to answer them on their knees.