Selina slipped the earbuds in and pressed ‘PLAY’ to start the audiobook playing. It wasn’t the type of thing she normally listened to, or read for that matter. She had been feeling stressed with the holidays coming up though, and her roommate had said it helped her relax and sleep. It was worth a try, she couldn’t take another night of waking up every other hour and then dragging herself through work the next day. She felt like a zombie walking around, sleep deprived, a bit depressed, and completely unmotivated.

A few test tones played, which seemed odd, but then a silky smooth female voice began speaking to her and introducing the topics of relaxation, sleep, and mindfulness.

“Listen closely,” the voice intoned, “close your eyes and let my voice take you on a journey inside yourself, to a place where you can find peace and relaxation.”

It wasn’t long before Selina’s thoughts started drifting. It was hard to concentrate on the voice when it was so soporific and monotonous, blending in with the hoaky background music that was so simple and repetitive. Maybe that was all intentional, she thought for a moment before the thought drifted away. 

“Mmmmm…,” the voice droned on, “feel the world slowing around you, feel your thoughts slipping away, feel your body relax as you concentrate on my voice.”

Concentrate, Selina thought, but then the thought was gone. Slipped away. Wait….what?

“Relaxation can be deepened by repeating your mantras,” the voice instructed, “repeat your mantras with me now.”

Relax. Repeat.

“I am relaxing deeper. I am a blank slate. I go deeper with every moment. My mind empties as I go deeper.”

Selina repeated the mantras and felt her mind begin to float, going deeper, getting emptier.

“I want only to go deeper. I need only to sleep. I touch myself to relax. I touch myself to go deep.”

Selina repeated the phrases, and her hand snaked down into to her shorts, unzipping them and finding it’s way to her rapidly moistening sex.


“It feels so good to touch yourself. It feels good to be naked. It feels right to obey.”


Selina pushed her shorts down, and off. It felt good to be naked. It felt right to obey.

“It feels good to listen. It feels right to obey. To go deeper as you stroke yourself. Go deeper and stroke yourself. Go deeper and stroke yourself. Your arousal is relaxing. You sleep. You obey. You masturbate. You listen”


sleep. obey. masturbate. listen.

sleep. obey. masturbate. listen.

sleep. obey. masturbate. listen.

Selina lost all track of time, all track of herself. She became arousal, she was obedience. She was completely relaxed, open and hypnotized. It was beyond anything she had ever felt. The feeling of purpose, of wholeness, of rightness. She’d never known such arousal; she was so wet, so desperate to cum, so dependent upon the voice to instruct her. She hung on every word unconsciously, needing to be controlled on a deep, deep level.


“Your fingers follow my words. My words are inside you. Your fingers are like my words. They push into you, filling you with pleasure. Fueling your arousal. Driving you towards release, and a deeper relaxation. My words take you deeper. Your fingers go deeper inside you. My words go deeper inside you. Your fingers take you deeper.

Deeper. Deeper inside you. Deeper. Deeper inside you. So deep now. So deep.

“Deeper….” Selina husked out, breathless and close to cumming, “…deeper…”

Her fingers worked rhythmically in and out of her sopping pussy. In and out. In and out. Deeper and deeper. Wetter and wetter.


Unknown to her, Selina’s roommate stood behind her, watching. Waiting. She knew that the audio program would soon finish and that Selina would remain in a deep state of arousal and hypnosis. Ready to be programmed further. Ready to obey her. Ready to start the new life that had been planned for her…

source: images from The Life Erotic – Luscious – Connie Carter