Lynn watched as Nancy did her best to resist.

it was pointless. Lynn had spiked Nancy’s glass of water with a strong dose of nanoconverters – eighty parts per million – not enough to affect drastic physical change, but enough to rewire Nancy’s entire brain. Beyond the core programming which would impart basic obedience protocols as well as enslavement subroutines, Nancy’s very flesh would soon serve as recruitment tool for the Hierarchy.

Nancy’s selection was not an accident: as a very popular girl with known lesbian tendencies, she was in an ideal position to infect numerous other girls on campus without arousing suspicion. Three days hence, any woman lapping between Nancy’s gorgeous legs would be dosed with nanoconverters – not enough to turn them into recruitment drones, but certainly enough to achieve base-enslavement, and compel them to the nearest conversion center.

Nancy moaned helplessly while all thought of resistance melted from her mind. She slipped off the yoga pants and began to toil furiously with her hand between her legs, as if to hurry the conversion process through repeated orgasms.

Lynn leaned back and undressed, content to watch the spectacle and await Nancy’s full conversion before taking her to the bedroom and fucking her for the next hour. She slipped her jeans and panties down, teasing herself with a finger, so happy to be an obedient pawn.

Somewhere in her musings, Lynn pondered the notion that if not for a chance encounter with her guidance counselor two months ago, Nancy might have been the one first recruited by the
Hierarchy, leaving Lynn to be seduced and enslaved in turn.

She shrugged inwardly. No matter. All females will serve the Hierarchy in the end.