“You will falter for but a moment, Foundation, and then your soul will be mine forevermore,” gloated the sorceress Crimson Carnality as she stroked the superhero’s stiff cock.

“I will … oh God … I will … resist,” Foundation choked out between groans of pleasure. The hero pulled at the power suppression handcuffs that robbed him of strength to shatter stone with is bare hands.

At the moment, he was as hard as stone, and the bare hands of Crimson Carnality continued to weave a spell of pleasure around his cock. Foundation knew that allowing a sorceress to collect a sample of his semen would be disastrous. The spells she could weave with his seed were too powerful to contemplate.

Foundation could hardly contemplate anything at the moment. “I … will … fight.” His whole body was flush with arousal. His cock had never felt this hard. “I will ..” He could feel the orgasm rising inside of him. “I will … CUM!”

His balls tightened and Foundation screamed with bliss as his cock pumped his hot jism all over Crimson Carnality.

The sorceress grinned wickedly at the bound hero. “Now the fun really begins.”

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