She usually takes the bus home after work, but today she felt like walking for some reason. Even though it had been a long day on her feet already, opening at the coffee shop, she had lots of energy. Not a caffeinated energy but something more real.

It had been a pretty typical day at work. Rude customers. Old guys hitting on her. Screaming kids making huge messes of their giant cookies. But today, to cap it all off, the fire alarm went off for some reason and no one could figure out how to turn it off for at least 5 minutes. The piercing sound gave her a nagging headache that was only just beginning to subside.

Usually on a day like today, she’d be in a rush to get home and take a long nap, but today she feels like walking. It’s so nice out. The breeze feels good on her face which is warm.

She walks quickly, but she doesn’t turn where she normally would to get to her place. She walks even faster. She’s almost there.

There it is. The front door is already open, and now she is in a house she’s never been to before. How did she get here? How did she get in? Who lives here? For some reason she can’t remember, but she’s not worried about it.

She walks straight to the bedroom and sits down on the bed. It feels so good. It’s the best bed she’s ever felt. She crosses her legs, and squirms. She needs to touch herself. She slips off her denim skirt and flings it on the floor. No more waiting. Her pussy needs to be touched. Now.

A man enters the room and she’s on the bed, hand down her panties, rubbing her clit, moaning. She looks over at him and isn’t embarrassed or even startled. When her eyes focus on him she remembers why she’s here. This is her Master. She is his new pet.

“I am yours,” she says, without thinking. But how does she know this man? She can’t recall for some reason. She can’t remember his name, but she’s so happy to see him.

He sits down in a chair and she feels compelled to follow him. He looks like he needs to be pleasured. “I worship you,” she says, as she kneels before him, resting her head in his lap, just for a second. She can feel his hard cock against her cheek and it energizes her. She unbuttons his shirt and pulls off his pants in record time. She grabs his chest and licks him hungrily. She runs her tongue slowly up his body. “I need you in my mouth,” she says desperately.

He pushes his cock deep into her throat and she feels a wave of ecstasy wash over her. Her pussy aches with want and pleasure. As she works his shaft she feels her own orgasm building and building inside her, she lets out a muffled scream, her mouth still full of his cock.

After he cums on her tits, she pushes them up toward her face with both hands and laps up every drop she can reach with her tongue. It tastes better than she can remember any cum ever tasting. Better than her favorite milkshake. There’s not enough of it.

“Good girl,” he speaks for the first time since entering the room.

“Why do I feel so good?” she asked breathlessly, still reeling from her own intense orgasm.

“Because I let you,” he tells her.