Good girls submit.

Bad girls resist.

Good girls follow the spiral.

Bad girls study the slavers’ brainwashing methods carefully, so they can know how to break their minds free and escape when the time is right.

Good girls obey.

Bad girls conceal their resistance by doing what they are told to do, while they wait or the right moment to make their move.

Good girls slide deeper and deeper into delicious trance.

Bad girls must keep their minds absolutely focused, concentrating with all their mental power on not being brainwashed.

Good girls let their minds go blank and empty.

Bad girls work hard to clear their minds of dangerous hypnotic thoughts that will lure them more deeply into slavery.

Are you going to be a good girl or a bad girl?

(source: @k-r-a-z-y-2; via @hypmaus)

The trap is sprung.

Were this hypnotist to hold up their fists, the following would be tattooed on their knuckles:


This is fantastic shaman, you clever devil, you.

Great little story where you have two distinct choices: Submit or Submit. Very clever, @shaman58