“It’s okay. Just keep looking, and soon you’ll find the center.” That shouldn’t make sense. The gem was small, maybe an inch in diameter. Bethany knew she should know where the center was. But every time she stared into its sapphire depths, she found a seamless, flawless illusion of endless fathoms of blue crystal. She couldn’t help following the tiny, intricate paths the light took, down and down and always captivatingly down as she focused her attention closer and closer on the sparkling facets. It felt like she was drifting out of her own body, losing track of everything but the slowly turning gemstone.

“It’s fine if your eyes get tired. That’s normal. Just keep looking. Don’t let it distract you.” Of course it had the opposite effect. As soon as Bethany thought about her eyes, they suddenly burned with exhaustion. Bethany felt a brief, flickering impulse to reach up and rub away the weary feeling, but that felt like too much effort when she was already so tired. So sleepy. She forced the drowsy sensation aside and kept staring deep into the crystal’s glittering heart, but the longer she thought about it the harder it became. Her gaze became hooded, heavy-lidded, dazed and bewildered. She couldn’t remember why she was looking. She opened her mouth to ask, but…

“You’re almost there. You’re doing so well. Just keep looking. Deeper and deeper. All the way down.” The man’s voice slipped into Bethany’s head, smoothing away her thoughts as soon as they formed. Her jaw hung slack and vacant, speech forgotten as Bethany’s mind floated freer and freer from her body and further and further into the sapphire crystal. She could imagine losing herself in the maze of facets entirely, her thoughts following the tracery of light until they dove all the way into the center of the gem and stayed there. That sounded inexplicably wonderful to Bethany. Sleeping in a web of rainbows while the man with the pretty gemstone took care of her body. Bethany nodded. She didn’t know why.

“Just keep looking. Watch the gem turn for me, let it empty your mind. You don’t even need to listen to what I’m saying. Your deep self can keep track. Just keep watching the crystal sway and spin.” Some of the words sounded familiar to Bethany, but it was increasingly difficult to keep the man’s voice in focus in her head. She found herself drifting away for longer stretches, her mind floating into the gemstone and resting there in perfect peace and comfort. It felt good to let go of her thoughts like that. Bethany nodded again, as though the voice in her head and the voice in her ears were one and the same. Maybe they were. Bethany couldn’t tell anymore.

“That’s a good girl. Blank and empty now. Ready to be filled with my will. Just keep looking. You don’t need to think anymore, I promise.” That sounded so wonderful to Bethany. Not just happy, but filled with a slow, dreamy, sensual heat that made her pussy surge with arousal. She felt a trickle of drool dripping down onto her fingers where she was playing with her tits through her swimsuit, but it didn’t matter to her anymore. Nothing mattered but the sparkly gem. It had captured Bethany’s thoughts. Her will. Her mind. She belonged to the crystal now. She only needed to follow and obey.

Bethany heard the man snap his fingers. Her eyes slammed shut, but she still saw the gem. As he took her hand and led her off the beach, she realized she would never stop.

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