There was, you told yourself, no such thing as magic. You knew your roommate had to be lying to you when he told you that a faerie had granted him one wish, and that he had wished to have a massive, magic cock that would turn girls in to his willing sex slaves.

You told yourself the reason you didn’t immediately slap him when he pulled his pants down to show you his cock was just because of how fantastically huge it was.

You told yourself the reason you didn’t run away when he beckoned you closer was because you wanted to see just how big it really felt in your hands.

You told yourself that the reason you let him slowly push you to your knees was because you needed to objectively test to see if he was really telling you the truth.

You told yourself the reason your brain popped and fizzled as you lovingly licked his shaft was because you’d simply never had a cock that tasted that good.

Then he came in your mouth, his marvelous cum pouring down your throat and burning a brand new desire in to your mind. You drooled and gasped, feeling your brain go dark. You looked up at your new master and giggled. You didn’t need to tell yourself anything. Master would tell you everything you needed to know.





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