Charmed! What Am I Doing?


Hey everyone! I am very excited to announce my list of classes I am involved in for Charmed 2019!! 

Drop, Wake, Repeat!: Fractionation Demonstration

This is a fractionation class, I’m going to teach the hows and whats behind fractionation and show off just a couple of the fun things you can do with it. (I’m also still looking for a demo for this class, so if you wanna volunteer have a chat to me and we shall see if you and I fit for this one) This class will be for beginners to intermediate, and all roles welcome. I will want to include a lot of talk about how it feels for the demo as well as stuff to think about while you are doing fractionation so if you are curious or a fractionation pro come along and see what you can add to your fractionation know how! 

You’re Getting Very Sleepy: The Art of Knowing A Million and One Inductions

This class is one I am SUPER excited about. Inspired by a comment I got at my first 101 class here in the BOP from a local hypnotherapist. He told me, “wow you know so many more things about inductions than I do!” So, it got me thinking, why don’t we know more about inductions and I wanted to share my knowledge behind some of the classic inductions and show how to put new twists on some of them so that you can hypnotise anyone and everyone. For this I also want to talk a bit about leading your negotiation and pretalk into an induction. This class will be more beginners focused and is for any role as I will be talking about how to find the induction that works best for you as a bottom as well! 

Use the Force! With @hypnoobiwan​ (Aka Wiseguy)

Yes, after rave reviews from Entranced we are at it again with more force antics! So, if you would like to see me tackle the Jedi mind trick and freezing in carbonite LIVE then this one is not to be missed. Wiseguy has a great line up of fun tricks such as lightning sensation play and force choking plus a fun surprise at the end… Oh, and did I mention we choose our victims– I mean volunteers on the day? This is a great fun demo with lots of nerdy force fun! This is for everyone and anyone with a love of star wars or of nerdy hypnosis fun in general. 

Intro To Roleplay With @sleepnowkay 

This I am very excited about. We are going to talk and show you how to combine role play with hypnosis to get more bang for your buck out of your scenes. I met Kay at Entranced 2018 and we hit it off straight away so this will be really fun. She comes from a background of table top role playing and I have a theatrical background in community theatre so we are going to share how that got us into hypnotic role play and then we will demo how to incorporate it into your scenes. This is a class for anyone. 

So, You Wanna Start A Patreon? How to make a living creatively on the internet With @midorikonton and @jukeboxemcsa

Now when I was asked if I wanted to be involved with this class I will not lie there was a lot of running and screaming when I saw who I would be working with. I’ve been a secret fangirl of these two people for quite a while now and I am so excited to be presenting with them. So, in this class we all share our experiences with turning our passions into a business online. The ups, the downs and the everything. And I don’t know about these two but I have some behind the scenes details to share that you may not know when it comes to being a business on the internet. This class is for all levels but especially for those who have interest in taking their passion for hypnosis or kink further. 

Brainwashing Experience With @theleeallure

This was very much another running and screaming moment when I was asked if I wanted to help with this one. So, I’ve been reading Lee’s book Hypnotic Amnesia with stars in my eyes since I got back from Entranced and I have to say just from the book alone I thought her style was something to be admired. This class is kind of a dream for me and I am very excited to be able to help. This is a 45 minute brainwashing experience with all the bells and whistles. Visuals, mantras, Lee and I speaking to your mind, what’s not to love? So this is for people who want to experience what it’s like to be brainwashed, more details closer to the time but I have to say from what I have heard this one is going to be AMAZING. 

So, those are my classes but what have I got going on in the evenings you might ask?

Well apart from the spontaneous dinner, lunch and tea breaks (if you wanna hang out come and find me and we can chat) I will be hosting a “Power Rangers Viewing Evening” in my room on Friday night of the con! So bring drinks, snacks and come watch MMPR Season One Episodes 17-21 (Green With Evil Saga) with me! 

I will also be ordering a bunch of “Keep It Trancey” badges so if you want one come and find me and yes, I am giving them away to those who would like one. 

I can’t wait to meet some of you and remember if you see me in the halls don’t be a stranger, come up and say hi and we can chat. I’m not as scary as I seem on the internet. 

XOXO The Secret Subject

Oh my goodness! Such kind words! <3