Exhibitioness had not asked for the super powers that the Dominator had given her. She had been an ordinary young woman named Esmi with an ordinary life in Skarlette City before the supervillain had captured her and subjected her to the procedure.

Esmi knew that the procedure involved some sort of drugs and lights moving in pulsating, fascinating patterns, and the Dominator speaking directly to her mind, as if he were thinking for her.

After the procedure, nothing was the same for Esmi. She knew that her super powers were tied with how much of her body was exposed. She found herself tearing holes in her jeans, cutting off the tail ends off shirts.

Although Exhibitioness couldn’t quite remember what her powers were, she remembered that she had display her body as much as possible. The city was depending on her. She had to draw the city’s attention away from … something. The Dominator had said the details weren’t important, as long as she did her duty.

She hadn’t asked for this burden, but now that she had it, she knew she had to flaunt it.

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