Allie pulled her lips away from Avery’s cock, taking just a moment to revel in the way the tip twitched almost plaintively as she stopped sucking on the flushed, reddish-purple head. She looked over at her rivals with a confident smirk on her face and gave Avery’s shaft a little tug. Not enough to make him cum. Just enough to bring him that much closer to the edge, make it that much more likely that he’d shoot his load right down that blonde bitch Cindy’s throat. “Your turn,” she said in tones of mock politeness, squirming out of the way so that Cindy could take her turn on her knees.

As the timer started, Cindy could tell that Avery was close to the edge. She felt a sinking feeling in her stomach, a feeling she was certain was about to be joined by gush after gush of Avery’s hypnotic semen. She really wished she hadn’t drawn the first position–sure, it was an advantage if one of the girls got Avery really worked up fast, but if he made it through a full rotation of all six young women sucking his cock, he was bound to be so worked up that he couldn’t last the full five minutes the next time through.

Still, the rules were the rules. Cindy parted her lips as wide as she could and took him into her mouth as far as she dared, her fingers wrapping around his shaft and jacking up and down to stimulate the sensitive flesh that wouldn’t fit down her throat. She felt like she was looking right down the barrel of a cannon, one that would obliterate her thoughts and her will and leave her a cum-drunk fuckbunny for the rest of the night. All the girls would take their turn with her, and Avery too. More than once. She’d barely even remember what they did to her.

Which was why they played the game. Russian Turlutte. As soon as they found out what Avery’s special concoction of hormones could do to a woman, and as soon as they realized they all enjoyed fucking a blank and horny sex doll more than they enjoyed being one, it only made sense to take turns slurping on his cock until one of them finally pushed him over the edge into climax. It added an element of exhilaration to their blowjobs, the ‘risk’ turning them on more and more with every stroke of their lips against his cock as each one strove to push his arousal almost to its very limits. So that when the next girl even so much as breathed hard on his penis, his balls would squeeze a load of mind-blanking cum out into them and send them into blissful oblivion for a few hours.

Cindy was determined not to be that girl… but at the same time, the precum already trickling out from Avery’s slit was making her drunk with arousal, horny and eager to stimulate him further and further. She knew that was a bad sign, that Allie was looking forward to using her hard with that monster strap-on she’d picked up last week and that she’d done a very good job of leaving Avery teetering on the verge of climax… but maybe he wasn’t quite ready to cum yet. She should check. She should just reach out, fondle his sack, see if it was all drawn in tight and heavy and ready to, oh fuck, it felt so good to play with, so good to–

She felt something warm and salty on her tongue. Then her mind went silent.

Avery slowly slid her head back, smiling at the way her glassy eyes stared straight ahead without any focus as a last trickle of semen dripped from her lips. She was out like a light, at least for a few hours. She’d be suggestible for long after that, which was how Avery had arranged for this little nightly game with his special girls… but she didn’t need to know that. None of them did. They could all go on thinking that it was their own idea… and Avery could go on enjoying them all, every single night.

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