I’ve accelerated my queue; it’ll now run out the 15th. That’ll mean breaking my rule of trying to post only one thing from a given person per day; ah well.

Currently I’m planning to export my blog to WordPress. I’ll leave it there as an archive, and I guess I’ll keep an eye out for where people go, whether that be pillowfort or whatever.

This probably won’t affect my income much—my Patreon is a side hustle not my primary income, and anyway most of my backers come from MCStories. Sucks to lose the community I’ve found here, but I guess I can go back to the Collective and MCForum.

Speaking of the Collective: my Patreon just hit the level where I start posting old captions to Tumblr. That’s… obviously not going to happen. I guess I’ll start posting them to the Collective instead. See you all there, I hope?